Obama administration said it “would welcome” an Islamic dictatorship onto the United Nations’ Human Rights Council

Dan from Squirrel Hill's Blog

In 2010, Freedom House included Saudi Arabia on its list of “the world’s most repressive societies.”

On page 17 of this PDF, Freedom House wrote the following about Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is not an electoral democracy.

The country’s 1992 Basic Law declares that the Koran and the Sunna (the guidance set by the deeds and sayings of the prophet Muhammad) are the country’s constitution.

Political parties are forbidden, and organized political opposition exists only outside of the country.

The government tightly controls the content of domestic media and dominates regional print and satellite television coverage. Government officials have banned journalists and editors who publish articles deemed offensive to the ruling authorities or the country’s powerful religious establishment. The regime has blocked access to over 400,000 websites that are considered immoral or politically sensitive.

Religious freedom does not exist in Saudi Arabia. All Saudis are required by law to…

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8 thoughts on “Obama administration said it “would welcome” an Islamic dictatorship onto the United Nations’ Human Rights Council


  2. I can’t say what I am really thinking about Obama. I hope you can read minds.

  3. Hell, I’m Red Flagged anyway. Besides, I’m entitled to my opinion the same as anybody else. Regardless of his position, he’s still another person on this planet and now due to his present position he has placed himself in a place of pointed and highly visible public AND personal opinion. BARACK OBAMA IS AN ASS! A backstabbing, lying, UNPATRIOTIC (At least to this country- as is his wife), extensively deceitful (ECPECIALLY when it comes to this country and its citizens), and according to his actions-his words-and his general demeanor-seems to have a massive Godlike/Inferiority complex combination. Other than deep inside Muslim Dominated Countries, I do not foresee a safe place for him to reside after his “Term of elected duties” is over. He has made an extensive amount of enemies just in this country alone, and the list grows longer each day. It seems as if the only place he is invited to or accepted at are the countries that deeply follow and are extensively dedicated to the Muslim Faith. He himself has publically stated that no matter the direction of Political Winds or any kind of conflict his complete faith and dedication are to his Muslim Brothers. Obviously he has done everything but come out and openly state he is a Muslim. This seems to be a pattern that he himself has most deliberately set in motion on multiple occasions and does not seem to care who notices, yet he always seems to have some kind of lie-fabrication-or quite simply a line of bullshi* to try and convince people otherwise. AAAAA-CHOOO!!!!!!!!!! Sorry about that but I am highly allergic to Bullshi*. That he is a devout and highly dedicated Christian man and family. (From a Church that Screams-not Preaches-and the “Sermons” are usually based on Racism and how Black people are constantly put down and kept down by White people in this country, how Police Departments across the Country deliberately focus on Black people and “Plant” evidence to justify their actions, and how Black people need to “Come Together” in order to “Raise themselves up”, support all in the Black Community, and help to raise each other up). AAAAA-CHOOO!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me.

    • People need to think, AAAAAk, when they think of, Barak. He is a God hating Allah loving person. That is enough for me to despise him. He acts so innocent as if he is not doing anything wrong? He thinks he is fooling people into thinking he is not supporting ISIS supporting ISIS. He is pissed that Russia is not supporting ISIS. Muslims and ISIS are using the same book.

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