Muslim Offers $10,000 to Anyone Who Can Show That Qur’an Promotes Terrorism

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Dear Omar Alnatour:

Thank you so very much for offering “anyone $10,000 if they can find me a verse in the Quran that says it’s ok to kill innocent people or to commit acts of terror.” My 1999 Toyota is on its last legs, and your generous gift will enable me to replace it with a modest but fully operational used midsize sedan. Or maybe (since it has been years since I’ve had a break), if I can keep the jalopy going for awhile, I will use your ten grand take a vacation to Paris and Brussels — before it’s too late, you know?

Anyway, here is my entry, which I am confident will win the $10,000 prize. I’ll make sure of that by giving you even more than you asked for: you wanted just a single Qur’anic verse that “says it’s ok to kill innocent people or to commit acts of terror,” I’ll give you more than one of each, just so there is no doubt:

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Belgian Soldiers Deployed to Fight Terrorists Had No Bullets in Rifles

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Much of counterterrorism is really security theater. TSA searches that have yet to stop a terrorist. Bombing raids that don’t drop bombs. Soldiers standing with rifles that have no bullets in them. It looks impressive. But there’s no substance behind it.

Rabbi Menachem Hadad of Brussels’ Shomre Hadas haredi Orthodox community said that soldiers who were posted outside a synagogue and the city’s Chabad House following the slaying of four Jews in Brussels’ Jewish Museum of Belgium in 2014 told him that for months, they used to guard the area with no bullets in their rifles. “It was just a show.”

Of course it’s just for show. Anything else would be too much. Western governments don’t want to actually stop Islamic terrorism. They want to look like they’re trying.

It’s not just Obama. It’s the whole system.

After every terror attack, there’s security theater. Empty reassurances that the guys running everything are really taking it seriously. But there’s no there, there. Instead they’ll keep on bringing huge numbers of Muslims, creating the next wave of terror, even while they put on a show of being serious about the latest attack.

Being serious about Islamic terrorism means ending Muslim migration. Any government that doesn’t want to do that is also not going to do much to fight Islamic terrorism except go through the motions.

The Agonizing Truth About Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

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The facts are, and they should be very troublesome for Americans, that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are not angry with terrorists or our enemies, particularly in Iran and Cuba. Obama tangos and golfs through terror attacks in Europe and beheadings of Americans even though the attacks are now believed to be part of a Europe-wide organization tied to a global jihad.

Neither Obama nor Hillary can muster the hate against terrorists that they can against the GOP. When there is a terror attack, Obama is lethargic but comes alive when spreading accusations against Republicans. Hillary saves her anger for them as well.

Whenever the president talks about terror, he fails to call it what it is and he plays it down as a non-threat, but he is always eager to condemn Christians and Republicans. It’s out of the Alinsky playbook. He also immediately brings up the Islamofauxbia argument whenever there is an attack.