Obama’s Legacy – The Threat of More Terrorism Here


Center for Security Policy

Frank Gaffney, Jr.


The President’s Homeland Security Advisor says international terrorist groups are “planning for sophisticated and coordinated terror attacks” in this country. In fact, Lisa Monaco warned that the threats are becoming ‘broader, more diffuse, and less predicable than at any time” since the 9/11 attacks.

Call it Obama’s legacy.

Unfortunately, as former clandestine CIA officer Clare Lopez and I point out in a new book, See No Sharia, our first lines of defense against such threats have been effectively blinded to what motivates these terrorists, severely handicapping those supposed to protect us against them.

Before jihadists kill more of us, FBI, military, intelligence community and Homeland Security Department personnel must be allowed to know the truth about Islamic supremacism and the totalitarian ideology that animates it: sharia. Only then can we improve the odds of preventing the next murderous attack.

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