Clinton Email Scandal: It’s Time Hillary Suspended Her Campaign


Corruption: Though she tries to ignore it, Hillary Clinton can’t escape her email problem. Almost every day brings more trouble for her. It’s time she did what a decent person would do — temporarily shelve her presidential campaign.

While Clinton leads Sen. Bernie Sanders in the delegate count, the former secretary of state is far behind everyone on the ethical score. She is consistently battered by news that reminds voters just how corrupt she is and now is facing a report that the FBI director is convinced she broke the law.

“FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain that presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private email server,” Charles Gasparino wrote Sunday in the New York Post, citing “career agents” as sources, some of whom expect Comey “to push for charges.”

Meanwhile, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said the “pressure is definitely building” in the case and predicted “that the FBI will explode” if “politics can triumph over the legalities.”

“If this potential prosecution is tanked for political reasons,” Bolton said Sunday on Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, “it will be a very loud explosion.”

Earlier in March, The Hill outlined “the chaos scenario for Democrats” that would be caused by “Clinton being forced to drop out of the presidential race due to criminal charges over her email.”

If the Clinton camp thinks her email scandal will die down, it’s mistaken. The news will keep coming and none of it will be good for Clinton. Even if the Justice Department declines to charge her, the backlash would be harsh. If that happens, expect two things: Watchdog groups will sue for investigative documents to be made public while the most damning of those documents will be leaked to media outlets that will actually publish them.

The total number of Clinton emails that hold classified material exceeds 2,000, and we know at least 22 had top-secret information. Voters are aware that the National Security Agency, not just the FBI,  has a “beef” with Clinton’s behavior and that one of those watchdog groups, Judicial Watch, says it might depose Clinton. It already has plans to question Bryan Pagliano, the director of information technology for Clinton’s 2008 campaign who installed her email system, after federal investigators have finished with him.

Clinton should do what’s right and suspend her campaign until this issue is resolved. It’s unseemly for one of the party’s top candidates to be under such a growing cloud of suspicion.

One thought on “Clinton Email Scandal: It’s Time Hillary Suspended Her Campaign

  1. Bringing her up on charges is almost a wet dream… It would knock her right out of the race, but damn if I can believe it will happen.

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