Revolution! Media Ignores Totalitarian Movement Threatening Our Republic

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Independent Sentinel

The United States is undergoing a political revolution as Bernie Sanders calls it. It is much more than that. It is a totalitarian fascist movement and its participants are ready to become violent.

We see the colleges, politicians, and radical groups shutting down free speech, attempting to take our gun rights away, and invading our privacy at will. That is fascism.

We are going down a dangerous road.

Too many don’t seem to understand this is an existential threat to our way of life. We already have so many fascists and socialists in this country, many of whom are new Americans and indoctrinated college students that, if they all go to vote, we are already a very left-wing nation.

The most amazing aspect of this is the media is completely ignoring it

The revolutionaries who primarily back Bernie, but also Hillary if she is the candidate, are socialists, communists, people calling themselves anarchists and radical Palestinians who hate this country, hope to rob us of our freedoms and control every aspect of every thing we do.

They are backed by Soros and other monied socialists – 1%ers ironically who also fund Hillary’s campaign.

The groups on Saturday included the Revolutionary Communist Party, Bernie4President who were mainly in charge, BlackLivesMatter, Assata’s Daughters, MoveOn who orchestrated much of it, and numerous other groups including domestic terrorist and Obama friend Bill Ayers. They are all fascists.

The Occupy movement never had the bite of these new domestic terrorist groups, and that is what they are. Their big  complaint as described to me was there were no blacks. That changed when Al Sharpton, Obama’s advisor, started the precursor to Black Lives Matter during the Trayvon Martin protests.

The movement grew and became Hands Up, Don’t Shoot, later known as Black Lives Matter, all funded by George Soros, an America-hating radical socialist.

The ‘protest’ by leftists in Chicago on Saturday at a Trump rally was well-planned beginning a week before as we know. They advertised for rowdy protesters on craigslist and the signs were professionally made.

Protesters were given the option to join the “red” group which was the violent-ready group. They came with the intention of creating chaos.

Bill Ayers, a violent domestic terrorist of the 1960s and 70s and a communist, was at the rally Saturday and he has been at the Occupy, BlackLivesMatter and other radical rallies.

Breitbart reported that many of the same people who were in Chicago last weekend are planning to march across the East Coast to spark a “fire that transforms the political climate in America.”

The operation, called Democracy Spring, is funded by George Soros-MoveOn in part and is threatening “drama in Washington” with the “largest civil disobedience action of the century.” The radicals believe this will result in the arrest of thousands of their own activists.

They intend to engage in civile disobedience throughout their journey. When they talk about “democracy”, they mean the same thing they meant during Occupy – socialism and communism.

It is set to begin with a meetup on April 2 at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

“Then, in the spirit of Granny D, the Selma to Montgomery marchers, Cesar Chavez and the farmworker pilgrimage, and others who walked for freedom, we will set out on a 10 day, 140-mile march from Philadelphia to the Nation’s Capitol,” states the website.

In Washington DC, Democracy Spring expects “thousands of Americans” to engage in a “sit-in on the Capitol building in Washington DC in what will be the largest civil disobedience action of the century.”

These people will create more chaos and hope to bring back the riots of the late 1960s.

They want a return to 1968 when all hell broke loose. They will no doubt show up at the GOP convention. Black Lives Matter has promised to burn it down.

This administration not only won’t do anything about it, Barack Obama brings these people into the White House for discussions and encouragement and gives them credibility.

The Chicago “protesters” were rioters who spat on people, broke car windows, and would have been more violent if it wasn’t for the police who cordoned them off.

Rebel Pundit was there filming and interviewing and tomorrow they will air their full video on Hannity’s TV show on Fox News. They found what I found at Occupy, the participants don’t know much.

When I went to talk with the radicals at Occupy Wall Street, there was a table set up for the Nationalist Socialist Party. When we asked them what they were about, they described Hitler’s vision without the anti-Semitic mantra though there were many of those types there too. When they got done, I asked them why they would choose Hitler’s party name and his platform. They appeared confused and somewhat appalled. They had no idea they had.

Listen to the reporters discuss what they saw and filmed in this audio from Sean’s show. You won’t regret it. They believe as long as there is chaos and a fight, they can continue to implement their Utopian social justice dream.

This is a clip from the event. Listen to these angry, hate-filled totalitarians who want to control us.


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