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It took Dr. Rand Paul to stop the transfer of fighter jets to Pakistan today. It is a wonder why anyone would expect the US taxpayer to send hundreds of millions to terrorists who laugh in our face.

The United States Congress is inexplicably about to send $300 million dollars worth of F-16 fighter jets to a country that hates, supports the Taliban, hid bin Laden away for years, imprisoned a doctor who helped us, and persecutes Christians.

As Dr. Paul said, “we don’t have money to borrow the money from China to send it to Pakistan.” We are $19 trillion in debt and we need to take care of the problems here at home instead of sending it to corrupt regimes abroad. We have given $15 billion to Pakistan and yet they’ve admitted they’ve armed, aided and abetted the Taliban. Pakistan was only one of two countries that recognized the vicious Taliban.

Pakistan terrorists are killing our US soldiers and they are the most capable threat to US forces in Afghanistan.

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Stop Breaking the U.S. Military

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Americans expect the U.S. military to protect us. Team Obama has a different priority.

As we document in our new book, See No Sharia, those in uniform are no longer allowed to be briefed about the true nature of our jihadist enemies and what motivates them. Even though such information is obviously essential to victory, for servicemen and women to provide – or even to receive – it can be a career-threatening offense.

A briefing last year to troops in Georgia obtained by Judicial Watch shows the sort of threat the Obama administration clearly thinks the armed forces must confront instead – namely that, “Our society attaches privilege to being white and male and heterosexual, regardless of your social class.”

Our military must be able to know the enemy and continue to reward quality in the ranks. Obama’s policies are breaking it and endangering us.