Obama Can’t Make Nancy Reagan’s Funeral Because He’s Going to a Festival



Independent Sentinel

The Washington Post reported that Michelle Obama will take Barack Obama’s place at the funeral of Nancy Reagan but it’s understandable since he would otherwise miss the annual South by Southwest festival.

President Obama will be speaking that day at the festival in Austin and Michelle will stop off “briefly” at the funeral.

The Obamas issued this as-meager-as-possible statement.

“Nancy Reagan once wrote that nothing could prepare you for living in the White House,” the Obamas wrote in a joint statement on Sunday. “She was right, of course. But we had a head start, because we were fortunate to benefit from her proud example, and her warm and generous advice.”

Michelle could have gone to the festival but Obama wants you to know how much he hates conservatives.

He wouldn’t want to miss this schedule with topics like, “Trust Me, I’m an Algorithm”, screenings of such films as “IA Taco Meetup”, and “Listen Up: The Future LGBTQ+ Tech Workforce”.

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