Judge Napolitano Calls Out Hillary for Her Word Games


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Hillary has been laughing off her email scandal. She did it again during last night’s town hall on Fox News. She lies with such ease but she probably knows something the rest of us don’t – Obama will clear her. The reason it’s taking so long is it takes a long time to work out a believable lie and to finesse the FBI.

Hillary blatantly sent out and even wrote classified information on a private, unsecured server that was transmitted to people who did not have the proper security clearance. She lied to Breat Baier last night.

BRET BAIER: “It contained information that should be classified at any time…It’s not — it shouldn’t have been classified?”

HILLARY CLINTON: “What I’m saying is, it wasn’t at the time, if you — let’s take Mary Smith who has some information in the government, and she is FOIAed, Freedom of Information Act. Give us your information, your e-mails, memos, whatever it might have been. That goes through a process, even though the agency she works in, has said none of this is classified, others start to have a chance to weigh-in. So others might say, you know, that wasn’t at the time, but now with circumstances, we don’t want to release it, so, therefore, we have to classify it, I’ve asked, and I echo Colin Powell in this, release it, and once the American people see it, they will know how absurd this is. Colin Powell and I are exactly on the same page.



Judge Napolitano said Hillary is playing word games.

STEVE DOOCY: “You disagreed with what she said?”

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: “Yes. For her to say I neither sent or received anything classified emails is a word game. It’s marked confidential, secret or top secret. Two, she signed an oath her first day in office. In which she said, I understand my legal obligation is to know what is secret, whether it is marked secret or not. I also understand that the failure to recognize that could be criminal in nature.

So what makes something confidential, secret or top secret is not a stamp marked on it. It’s the essence of the e-mail. Does it contain information — the revelation of which could harm national security?

Let’s see. Would photographs of a North Korean nuclear facility if disseminated harm national security? would the names of American spies particularly moles working for more countries than the U.S., would that harm national security? Would Ambassador Stevens’ itinerary in Libya in the two days before he was murdered harm national security, guess what? She e-mailed all of that in a nonsecured server. She had a legal obligation to know that that would affect national security.”

BRYAN KILMEADE: “I have a couple of things on that. Number one, what if she did it on the State Department server, would that be OK?”


STEVE DOOCY: “It would be secure.” [crosstalk]

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: “That’s what she was supposed to —”

BRYAN KILMEADE: “Even though it’s classified. If it’s e-mailed to a nonsecured server, stevedoocy.com?”

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: “Then she commits a crime.”

Hillary can’t say she didn’t know they were classified. Ignorance is not a defense.

BRYAN KILMEADE: “Can she honestly say she didn’t know what was classified or they over classify at the State Department?”

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: “No. Because this is a rare federal crime, where the government doesn’t have to prove intent. You can commit the crime by gross negligence. If she’s going to tell the jury there were 2,000 e-mails that she sent or received that had confidential, secret or top secret information there and she didn’t know it, only the most hardened Hillary Clinton supporters would believe that. No federal prosecutor would believe it, no FBI agent would believe it, no grand juror would believe.”

EARHARDT: “The question is why would she ever do that and put so many lives at risk?”

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: “She wanted to hide from the rest of the State Department what she was doing in her — because she wanted to hide from us the freedom of information act, what she was doing as secretary of state.”

BRYAN KILMEADE: “When she keeps skirting, she said other people did. But they can’t set up the server. They might have e-mailed some classified information, but not when you set up the server.”

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: “Counselor, you’re exactly correct.”

BRYAN KILMEADE: “Thank you.”

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: “You’re going to be a federal prosecutor before this is over.” (Laughter)


The Judge is counting on people being ethical and only the most hardened Hillary supporters sticking with this story. The fact is the Democrats won’t care if she’s lying. They know she’s lying but they want free healthcare, free college and on and on

Judge Napolitano said hillary should not be laughing.

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