Arizona Atty. Gen. Finds Money Trail Between Middle East, Mexican Smugglers


Months after six Middle Eastern men who entered the U.S. illegally through Mexico were arrested in Arizona state authorities have uncovered an extensive money trail between the Middle East and Mexico. This includes more than a dozen wire transfers sent from the Middle East to known Mexican smugglers in at least two different regions of the Latin American nation, according to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

report issued by the AG exposes the disturbing money trail between Mexico and terrorist nations in the Middle East as well as evidence of smuggling routes tying the region to America’s southern border. An excerpt of the AG’s findings was obtained by a local media outlet that published it this week. It states that the Mexican city of Tapachula, a known human smuggling hub located near the Guatemalan border in the state of Chiapas, was the top destination of Middle Eastern money transfers. Nogales, which is situated adjacent to the Arizona border, is the second destination, the investigation found. “Agents conducted a comprehensive geographic analysis of possible terrorist related transactions and/or money transfers involving human smuggling networks,” the state report says.

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Hillary Wrote and Sent Classified Information 104 Times

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Independent Sentinel

Hillary Clinton composed and sent 104 classified emails to her aides on her personal server, according to an analysis by The Washington Post. She will say these emails weren’t classified when she wrote and sent them but that of course is not believable. She wrote classified emails and didn’t know? Then she is too incompetent to be president.

How does she now say she didn’t put national secrets at risk?

Nothing will happen to her because Obama and his State Department have already said she did nothing illegal.

Former Attorney General Judge Michael Mukasey spoke to the information we have so far on Sunday Morning Futures with Marie Bartiromo. He said that someone transferred classified documents and removed the classified identification or changed the markings on her classified emails.

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It was clear in one of her emails that she directed her aide Jake Sullivan to do exactly that.

In terms of the staffer, Bryan Pagliano, getting immunity, Mukasey said it tells him that people at the top of the FBI want to know what was said.

He believes the case will be resolved before July.

Repercussions can range from the FBI saying they have found no criminal liability and it was just some staffers who made some mistakes but the worst case, Muskaey said, is they go to her lawyers for a plea deal. That would obviously leak.