Blatant Lies And a Plot to Steal the Nomination



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There is little doubt that the establishment is preparing for a brokered convention during which they hope to crown a candidate that is acceptable to them.

Hugh Hewitt reported that John Kasich said no matter what happens, he plans to stay in the race all the way to the convention. The only reason to do that of course is to deprive Trump of the nomination and to deprive Cruz as well. Kasich has said in interviews yesterday and today that if he wins Ohio, there will definitely be a brokered convention.

On the 26th of February, CNN reported that Rubio was preparing for a contested convention and there is now an audio to prove it.

Breitbart has obtained an exclusive audio of Rubio’s campaign manager Terry Sullivan meeting secretly with donors Wednesday, February 24th, telling them about Rubio’s path to the nomination via a brokered convention.

The establishment and their two chosen candidates are plotting a brokered convention to defeat Trump and they are lying about it. It’s no coincidence that Kasich, Romney and Rubio are all saying the exact same things.

A brokered convention will “fracture” the party as Cruz has said. Cruz is very opposed to it.


A brokered convention is handing the election to Hillary and the socialists. We will also lose the Supreme Court and our Bill of Rights but the power brokers care more about their power and their cushy little jobs. They also think Trump is dangerous and a threat. Perhaps they feel it will be brokered no matter what because half the people are not voting for Trump and a significant number are not voting for Trump or Cruz combined, but it’s not their decision. This is the peoples’ decision.

Sean Hannity has been angry in recent days about Rubio’s behavior towards Trump and the possibility that he was plotting a brokered convention. Hannity said Rubio called him personally and denied there was any such plot.

This morning on Fox & Friends, Rubio not only denied it, he denied it while feigning complete innocence, laughing at the notion of a House of Cards style conspiracy since “those things don’t happen.” He claims each campaign is doing their own thing and not communicating.


It’s not just the brokered convention, it’s the lying and plotting that is offensive and arrogant.

Rubio is the one who called out Cruz as a liar.

We have the clip of Rubio’s comments here.

The establishment wants to protect their power more than our freedoms. They won’t back Trump or even Cruz. They’ve been pushing Rubio and Kasich but the people don’t seem to want them. Both have failed miserably in the polls and at the caucuses and primaries.

The audio of the meeting is of a PowerPoint presentation in which Terry Sullivan outlines two scenarios by which Rubio could win. The first shows the number of states and delegates Rubio needs to win outright. The second is the one in which none of the candidates gain the simple majority needed and that would lead to what will likely be a devastating, messy and possibly unpredictable battle with several candidates competing for the nomination.

In the past, Sullivan acknowledged that a brokered convention was possible but suggested a much rosier scenario was preferable.

Now, Rubio and Kasich have the obvious support of the entire establishment behind them but they claim this brokered convention will be a natural event.

Generally I wouldn’t say there is any collusion but this, combined with Romney’s speech and actions over the last two days, it is hard to say there isn’t any. Both Rubio and Romney have used the phrase “con man” to describe Trump. They have both attacked him on the university and other specific issues.

This is the audio obtained by Breitbart.

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