Did Mitt Romney Just File Papers to Run for President?

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Doc source appears legit – link address directs to FEC disclosure site. Original app was created in late October of 2015 and signed off on January 30th, 2016. Those dates make it appear even more likely this has been a plan in the works for some time and more fully explains Mitt Romney’s anti-Trump speech yesterday. Mr. Romney is making certain he has a seat at the proverbial convention table should there be a brokered convention.

It shows Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan preparing to make another presidential run – a plan that began back in October according to the filing date. This appears to come from the official FEC.gov website.

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Who is Chief Justice John Roberts and why does he continue to back Obama?

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crew-22312Perhaps you will recall that “Man Caused Global Warming,” took off with the UICC Meeting in Kyoto, Japan. 

John Roberts has done it again, siding immediately with the Obama administration on the emission of CO2 into our atmosphere.

Chief justice rejects plea to block air pollution rule.

Where is the prospective scientific evidence on which he made his ill-conceived ruling.


The climate has always changed and it will continue to do so.

If the concept were valid, said global warming doesn’t exist in a vacuum, the major polluters in the world, India, China among others have not signed on.
Abstracts are often wrong and written before the final paper which may or may not prove the thesis.(Source)

One hundred reasons why man is…

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Ukrainian National Infiltrates Harrisburg High School

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A series of recent disturbing news reports have focused on an alleged illegal alien, Artur Samarin, a citizen of the Ukraine who reportedly entered the United States with a non-immigrant visa.  He apparently decided that rather than return to his native country, as required under the terms of his lawful admission into the United States, he would create a fictitious identity in the name of Asher Potts and then enroll in a high school in Harrisburg, PA in the fall of 2012 where he subsequently studied for four years.

His assumed identity also included a false date of birth that made him appear to be years younger than he actually is.

Let me begin by saying that I personally know nothing about Artur Samarin.  The only information I have to go by is the information that has been provided in news accounts.  When I was a federal agent I found that sometimes news reports about investigations I was involved in were as likely to be accurate as they were likely to be inaccurate.

That said, the reports about Samarin’s case are important to consider because, as you will see, they involve a case that points out failures of the immigration system that have been the norm rather than the exception and these failures may have significant national security and public safety implications.

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