Hillary gets $500K at one campaign stop to Muslim businessman’s home

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crew-22312By Jim Campbell,

Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop yesterday in Beaumont, Texas.

imagesOnly six people were there to greet her.

Her security detail outnumbered her supporters by quite a bit.

She wouldn’t talk, wave to or even acknowledge those there to greet her.

As bad as that is, it’s not the real story here.

The real story is who she took a private meeting with.

hillaryhijab-vi1Hillary Clinton: Muslims Have Nothing To Do With Islamic Terrorism (Source)

After landing, Clinton headed off to a fundraiser in West Beaumont, where she was greeted by around 150-200 Muslims, most of whom were of Pakistani origin.

The event was held by Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed and Hillary raised approximately $500,000 by pandering to Muslims, making it “one of the top five private fundraisers Clinton has had in this country.”

She’s bought and paid for by them.
You will not see it on national…

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Loretta Lynch Will Not Promise to Follow FBI’s Recommendation on Hillary

Independent Sentinel

Who believes that the Democrat attorney general will indict the Democrats’ only chance to win the presidency in November? If the powers-that-be wanted to do their job, they could have indicted Hillary Clinton by now.

Unsurprisingly, Attorney General Loretta Lynch won’t commit to following the FBI’s recommendation in the case of Hillary Clinton’s emails, however, she promised an independent review during a hearing Wednesday, when asked during a House hearing Wednesday.

You can take that to the bank.

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Hope and Change vs. Experience on Gitmo

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The phenomenon of second marriages has been called “the triumph of hope over experience.” President Obama’s just-released “blueprint” for closing Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is the triumph of “hope and change” over terrible experience.

Many of the remaining detainees will simply be sent elsewhere with the hope they won’t return to the fight. The rest will be sent to as-yet-unidentified facilities here in the United States.

There are several problems: Roughly 30 percent of Guantanamo’s detainees released to date have returned to jihad. We don’t need to reinforce that global threat with more rock stars.

It is also against the law to bring Gitmo’s detainees to the United States. Period. The military has said it won’t obey an illegal order. The states involved must not help implement one, either.

Don’t give jihadists more encouraging changes or hope.