Obama Could Order US Military to Break the Law Over GITMO


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Barack Obama told the world today that he will look for a secure location in the United States to hold the remaining GITMO detainees. It’s illegal.

“We’re going to work with Congress to find a secure location in the United States to hold remaining detainees,” he said.

There is no evidence that GITMO is being used as a propaganda or recruitment tool but he is using that as a basis for this demand. He will let Congress review his proposal but has suggested he will do it anyway on a number of occasions.

When Barack Obama signed NDAA in November, he approved a new law making it illegal to transfer detainees from Guantanamo Bay to prisons on U.S. soil. It was approved by many Democrats. It does not prevent him, however, from releasing the prisoners which is what he has been doing.

Congress will never go along with this move and in order to do it Obama will have to order US military to violate the law.

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Obama Changes Law: Allows Immigrants with Blistering STDs and Leprosy into US

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President Obama changes the law and now admits immigrants with lesions, blistering STD’s and leprosy into America.


In his first year in office, President Obama lifted an entry ban on foreigners with HIV.

Most U.S. cases of leprosy occur in people who traveled to the United States from areas of the world where the bacterial infection is endemic.

It’s not clear how this new rule benefits Americans.
The Washington Examiner reported:

The administration has decided to let immigrants with three sexually transmitted diseases known for causing sores or lesions on genitalia to enter the United States, an expansion of a previous decision to let in those with HIV.

The Department of Health and Human Services this month opened the borders to those with the STDs, deeming the communicable diseases not a big threat to the United States.

A report from the Centers for Immigration Studies said that HHS does not believe that the costs to taxpayers to handle the immigrants with STDs will be significant.

Now, said the Center, the list of inadmissible communicable diseases only includes syphilis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, and leprosy.


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Judge Orders Hillary Aides Be Questioned Under Oath in Email Lawsuit



A federal judge ruled on Tuesday that U.S. State Department officials and aides to Hillary Clinton should be questioned under oath about whether the former secretary of state’s private email system was an effort to skirt open records laws.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan ordered that the State Department and Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group suing the department for records about the employment of a senior Clinton aide, come up with a plan for the depositions and other discovery by April.

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HOUSTON, TX.  February 22, 2016: True the Vote (TTV), the nation’s leading voters rights and election integrity organization, today offered comment on a recent lawsuit filed by a collection of progressive interest groups with assistance from the U.S. Department of Justice, intent on removing citizenship verification measures in voter registration.

Litigation was initially triggered after the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) granted the requests of Kansas, Georgia and Alabama to require local users of the National Mail Voter Registration Form to submit documentary proof of U.S. citizenship. Since the filing, DOJ attorneys originally slated to represent the EAC in court today abandoned their client party and barred the Commission from providing its own legal representation, according to filings released today.

In advance of the 2016 election, the Obama Administration and its radicalized Department of Justice have launched a full scale effort to embolden leftist political allies and destroy election integrity,True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht said. Todays message is clear: any state or federal agency that works to prevent non-U.S. citizens from registering to vote in 2016 will witness the full wrath lawful or not — of the Department of Justice.

We are being ruled by a government that brazenly uses its own Department of Justice to support the lawsuits of progressive interest groups while simultaneously denies defendants the right to legal representation in court. If the American people do not stand against this assault on liberty, where will it end? Engelbrecht continued.

The True the Vote founder stressed that regular American voters have a role to play in fighting back against DOJ overreach, regardless of the court cases outcome:

What we are witnessing is the common thug ethic on unabashed display in Washington. Common thugs use fear and intimidation as a means to control. Common thugs take what they want, never mind the collateral damage. Common thugs walk out on their responsibilities for selfish convenience. But, these common thugs can be stopped if law-abiding citizens will stand their ground. This November, True the Vote-trained election mon


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A Global JV Team???

Family Security Matters



ISIS “has become the preeminent terrorist threat because of its self-described caliphate in Syria and Iraq, its branches and emerging branches in other countries, and its increasing ability to direct and inspire attacks against a wide range of targets around the world.” ~ James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

DNI Clapper told the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) on February 10, 2016 that the Intelligence Community’s Worldwide Threat Assessment states the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has become the “preeminent terrorist threat.”  Furthermore, ISIS and its emerging branches in at least eight other countries are increasing their “ability to direct and inspire attacks against a wide range of targets around the world.”

At the same hearing Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director Marine Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart testified that ISIS likely will “attempt to direct attacks on the U.S. homeland in 2016,” and that the caliphate is infiltrating the refugees fleeing the ISIS mayhem in Iraq and Syria. (Remember that FBI Director Janes Comey informed us that they cannot vet these refugees. Hmmmmmm….)

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