Kerry’s Fraudulent Diplomacy

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Secretary of State John Kerry has done it again. He has announced a diplomatic “breakthrough” promising hope of tangible achievement on a vexing national security or humanitarian problem.

But, as with his previous exploits – notably, his agreement with the Russians to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons and his so-called nuclear “deal” with Iran – his successes are illusions, giving the appearance of progress for U.S. and Western interests, but actually undermining them.

The just-announced “suspension of hostilities” in Syria is such a fraud. It won’t kick in, if at all, for another week. And even after that the Russians are free to continue bombing and other operations against “terrorists.” But Vladimir Putin’s definition of terrorism includes anyone opposed to the regime of his client, Bashir Assad.

Sadly, Kerry’s latest deal will perpetuate the civil war in Syria, not suspend, let alone end it.

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