Three Reasons Not to Trust Republicans’ Failure Theater on Justice Scalia Replacement

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crew-22312It’s clearly time for the Republicans to put up or shut up on their planned blocking of Obama’s appointment to replace Justice Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court.

As far as Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) word is concerned it means absolutely nothing.

mcconnell-leidHe can’t be trusted with your child’s lunch money.

Then Speaker Johnny Bend Over B and McConnell promised to block funding for Obama care, of course THEY DID NOT.

New Speaker of the House Paul Ryan as already proven he is the wrong man for the job by his recent capitulation with the Congressional Black Caucus (Source) on a poverty plan.

It of course already failed when the War on Poverty was first introduced by Lyndon B. Johnson in the late sixties was an abject failure. (Source)

Ryan is too ignorant or too young apparently to grasp this.

The United States can no longer tolerate failed leadership by…

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GITMO Grad Stars in Al Qaeda Terror Magazine

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Barack Obama continues to release vicious GITMO terrorists in order to close the detention facility down. He does not care that these are people plan to kill Americans, US soldiers and allies.

Ex-Guantanamo detainee Ibrahim al Qosi has been the poster boy for Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s (AQAP) propaganda since early December, when he first revealed that he is a senior leader in the group. He has been out since 2012 and he’s not even the worst of them.

Qosi has been addressing terrorists in Saudi Arabia, encouraging them to rebel against their government. Recently, they railed against the execution of more than 40 terrorist “mujahideen”. He said they were killed for declaring jihad against the “Crusaders” and opposed American interests.

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Kerry’s Fraudulent Diplomacy

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Secretary of State John Kerry has done it again. He has announced a diplomatic “breakthrough” promising hope of tangible achievement on a vexing national security or humanitarian problem.

But, as with his previous exploits – notably, his agreement with the Russians to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons and his so-called nuclear “deal” with Iran – his successes are illusions, giving the appearance of progress for U.S. and Western interests, but actually undermining them.

The just-announced “suspension of hostilities” in Syria is such a fraud. It won’t kick in, if at all, for another week. And even after that the Russians are free to continue bombing and other operations against “terrorists.” But Vladimir Putin’s definition of terrorism includes anyone opposed to the regime of his client, Bashir Assad.

Sadly, Kerry’s latest deal will perpetuate the civil war in Syria, not suspend, let alone end it.