Socialism Is Coming to America




Independent Sentinel

Yoav Frommer, a leftist who teaches American history in Israel, argues in the Washington Post that Bernie Sanders’ democratic socialism could become the view of the majority of the Democrat Party. Actually, some of us think it already is. Frommer says the Democrat party was built on socialism.

In the near future, it is likely we will have a President Bernie Sanders and a socialist congress. If Bernie was young, handsome, witty, couldn’t you see him winning right now? What Democrat would rail against him and his views?

Haven’t we watched the man on the street interviews where most can’t recognize a photo of the Vice President and who think New Hampshire is on Long Island?

Europe has devolved into Socialism and PC. The U.S. stands alone but we are only a little behind Europe. The entire EU model is socialism on speed with technocrats under Angela Merkel running the show.

Socialism is apparently very attractive. All those freebies, all that wealth for everyone, and all that we have to do is ask the rich to pay a little bit more. It hasn’t worked ever, anywhere in the world, but the dream continues. We mustn’t forget that those who want the freebies outnumber those of us who don’t. It’s a decided disadvantage.

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Charlie Daniels’ Open Letter to America’s Enemies: You See Obama, But You Don’t Know America


CNS News

By Charlie Daniels


Something never rang true about the apprehension and boarding of two American Naval vessels by the Iranian Navy. Something just didn’t seem right.

These boats were equipped with the kind of space age navigational devices that should have forgone any doubt where they were within a couple of yards.

If one boat became disabled, why didn’t the other boat tow it back to safe international waters?

Barring all else, why didn’t the Iranians abide by centuries old maritime tradition to assist a disabled vessel of a nation you’re not at war with? We’re not at war with Iran, or are we?

Why did John Kerry make a public statement praising and thanking the Iranians for their humane treatment of our Naval personnel knowing that Iran had boarded our vessel, disarmed the sailors and forced them to kneel with their hands on their heads? Why would he do so after seeing that Iran had photographed these sailors, using the photo as an embarrassing international public relations ploy and showing the world just how spineless the Obama administration is? Just how much humiliation and insult he is willing to take?

Then, during a parade, the Iranians staged a float with Iranians dressed like American sailors on a boat standing in total submission while being laughed at and ridiculed by the people on the street.

This is tantamount to rubbing America’s face in a manure pile. It was an attempt to suggest that America is supposedly weak, spineless and totally unable when it comes to protecting itself. It was meant to suggest that America has become a cowering, impotent nation whose president can be pushed around, humiliated, threatened and ridiculed without any threat of retaliation.

Putin did it, China is doing it, and now a third rate Islamic dictatorship ruled by religious fanatics is pushing Obama all over the board for the rest of the world to see just how easy it is. You can bet there will be much more to follow.

John Kerry should resign, because what he did actually gave aid and comfort to a nation that wants to destroy us. His sickening platitudes enabled the Iranians to farther this farce and humiliate this nation even more by releasing photos of one of the American sailors apparently crying.

America’s enlistment rates are down, and morale in our military is low. Obama has fired so many of our most experienced officers and reduced the size of our services to the point that should we be required to fight on multiple fronts we would be severely strained to do so.

How does the rest of the world perceive America under Obama?

We’re the nation that stood by and didn’t lift a finger when the Iranian public was protesting their government. We voiced no support and did not try to help in any significant way, and the protest was soon quelled.

We’re the nation that drew red lines in Syria and watched them being crossed without a whimper.

We’re the nation that only uttered a few lukewarm words as Putin invaded the Crimea and the Ukraine.

We’re the nation that traded five of the world’s most dangerous terrorists for one American deserter.

We’re the nation that gave away the store to insure that Iran can finance its terrorist attacks and be assured of having a nuclear device in a few years.

We’re the nation that lets anybody who wants to walk across our southern border free reign to do so, and we are the nation that provides sanctuary cities to give them refuge.



And judging us by the weakness and unwillingness of our president and his flower child administration would be a fatal mistake.


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Missing In America: Millions Of Non-Immigrant Aliens

Family Security Matters


On January 19, 2016 The Department of Homeland Security posted a notice in its official website about a report with important national security implications “DHS Report: Entry/Exit Overstay Report for FY 2015.”

The actual report “Entry and Exit Overstay Report, Fiscal Year 2015” focused only on the arrival and departure of nonimmigrant aliens (temporary visitors) though international airports and seaports but did not include aliens who were admitted at land border ports of entry.

This report noted that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have failed to depart the United States represented a very small percentage of the total number of nonimmigrant aliens who departed from the United States within the time limit imposed at the time they entered the United States- however, we must remember that we are still dealing with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who had been admitted into the United States during FY 2015 and that each and every year more such aliens enter the United States and fail to depart or otherwise violate the terms of their admission into the United States.

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