Free Republic

It has been confirmed that Judge Scalia is dead in his room at a Texas resort. No eulogy, but the man will far more than deeply missed as a soldier holding the line for our Constitution.

Suddenly this election has become much more complicated and more important than even the most pessimistic among us had realized. We must use this election as a final and clearest of statements to the US Senate that will confirm Obama’s next(and rapid) appointment to the Supreme Court; that THEY MUST NOT ACT TO CONFIRM Scalia’s successor, UNTIL this election is over!!

We must come together now, no matter what candidate we support and FLOOD every senator’s switchboard and mail box.

Contact every conservative network in your grass roots, be it Libertarian, Church,Legal Bureau, and,yes- Prayer Chain you know of.

IF, IF this Republican Senate will not find the guts to do this much, we must make them understand CLEARLY that they will from that moment ceased to exist, as a political party.

We don’t even need to think of the Crap that Obama could push through the Court if they cave and betray this time.


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