Administration Knows Terrorists Are Crossing Our Southern Border

Our US Border Fence

Our US Border Fence


Independent Sentinel

A secret government report leaked to a CBS news local station advised that terrorists “are almost certainly aware” of the US-Mexico’s border vulnerability to illegal entry. Terrorists and nationals from terrorist nations are being caught more and more often on our southern border. Obama is most definitely aware of this.

WSBTV Channel Two Action News reporter Aaron Diamont traveled to Santa Theresa, New Mexico where the border fence ends to see what is real and what is not. It’s only 8 miles west of El Paso where Border Patrol keeps vigilant watch.

There is no fence where the border fence ends, just a small 5 foot buffer, no cameras and only an occasional border agent. There are endless miles of spots where people can pour through. When Marco Rubio talks about building 700 miles of fence, it’s hardly enough.

In over just the last three years, agents have captured more than a half-million people from countries other than Mexico along our southern border, including a growing number of special interest aliens, or SIAs, from terrorist nations like Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan and Yemen, WSBTV reported.

“Terrorists can exploit, and their supporters can exploit, a porous border,” Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steven McCraw told Diamant in Austin, Texas.

Government Report

The FBI’s terrorist screening center “reported 143 land border crossing encounters with watch-listed individuals in southwest border states between November 2013 and July 2014.”

Among the many examples in that report of those who got through: In June 2014, a Somali member of Al-Shabaab told agents who picked him up that he had been trained for a suicide attack in Mogadishu.

Some cases make headlines, like Adnan Shukrijumah, who Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell described as Al Qaeda’s director of North American operations.



“He had freedom of movement to do essentially what he pleased,” Farrell told Diamant. Farrell said his sources linked Shukrijumah to an El Paso narco-terrorism ring.

In 2010, the feds indicted Shukrijumah on terror charges for an alleged plot to bomb the New York City subway system.

Shukrijumah spent years on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. It’s believed he entered the United States by air.

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