Fabulous! Now We Can Worry About Our Northern Border

Independent Sentinel

Canada’s new ultra-liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plans to let in 25,000 so-called Syrian refugees by March 1st and 50,000 at least by the end of 2016. I’m sure he has a “robust” vetting process like we do.

They are getting at least some of the refugees from Lebanese camps and David Cameron has already been warned that ISIS runs the camps.

Only 300 U.S. border agents are working at the Canadian border at any given time, said Dean Mandel, a U.S. Border Patrol agent assigned to the Buffalo sector. We have 2,000 on the southern border.

“We have one agent for every linear mile on our southern border and one for every 13.5 miles on our northern border,” Mandel said, adding that the northern border also has far fewer cameras and other technological infrastructure in place, WND reported.

Montana alone has a 550-mile border with Canada which is not monitored. Michigan, New York and Ohio have borders that include vast expanses of water – unmonitored.

For thousands of miles of border, only a six-inch deep ditch and forestlands stop them. There is no fencing.

Source : atheistmemebase.com

Source : atheistmemebase.com



A comprehensive senate report in December included an analysis by top national security experts who found that the U.S.-Canada border is the likely path for terrorists to invade the country.

“Security observers have argued that Canada represents a substantial vulnerability, because it provides immigrant visas to individuals who pose a significant threat,” according to the report, “The State of America’s Border Security.”

Witnesses testifying before the committee that if someone gets into Canada, they will most likely be able to enter the U.S.”

One thought on “Fabulous! Now We Can Worry About Our Northern Border

  1. After all Canada has been doing thier Multi-Cultural Best to accept them into thier fold!

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