Obama Must Stop Empowering the Wrong Muslims

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House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are meeting with President Obama at the White House today. They are supposed to be looking for common ground that might permit bipartisan action in Congress during this, Mr. Obama’s last year in office.

One place where a bipartisan course-correction is urgently needed is with respect to an error made by both this administration and its predecessor: Embracing the wrong Muslims.

A case in point is the President’s scheduled visit tomorrow to the Islamic Society of Baltimore. That’s a mosque associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. Its long-time imam is a prime-mover behind the Islamic supremacists’ agenda of imposing their totalitarian shariah doctrine worldwide. And its resident scholar calls “homosexuality a psychological disorder that has no place in Islam or society.”

Mr. Obama: Stop empowering the wrong Muslims.

2 thoughts on “Obama Must Stop Empowering the Wrong Muslims

  1. Obama must not empower any Muslims. Islam and the U.S. Constitution are completely incompatible. FK Obama and his rag head brothers.

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