UN Report Calls for a Global Tax


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Independent Sentinel

A UN panel on humanitarian assistance has called for a global tax to support UN activities. The proposal will be discussed at the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit at Istanbul this May.“

The UN is bucking for an independent source of income to support their socialist agenda.

They receive voluntary contributions from member states but they now have the support of globalists everywhere for a global tax and that includes the United States and it is despite their many scandals, most notably the Oil-for-Food scandal.

We could now have unelected communist and socialist agencies determining our every move.

Lifesite News reported it out of fear of their abortion on demand agenda. Most people – 80% of Americans – want abortion limited to at least the first trimester but the administration and the Democrat Party wants abortion up to the moment of birth when the only difference between the unborn and the born at the moment of birth is a matter of geography.

It is not only about abortion. It’s about their entire agenda and about globalism which will rob us of our sovereignty and our Constitutional freedoms as individuals. Their agenda includes abolishing our Second Amendment and our free speech.

They just want a “small tax on high-volume goods and services”. Sure, sounds good, just a few cents or dollars more on that blanket you buy at NFL games to keep Syrians fed.

The so-called independent panel appointed by the United Nations can’t figure out how else to pay for the staggering humanitarian crises facing the world today.

The report, released Sunday, plainly acknowledges the limits of traditional charity on the part of the world’s rich and calls for a sea change in thinking about how to pay for lifesaving aid in what the Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, called “the age of the megacrises.” It suggests it start as a voluntary tax.

The Dictators’ Club wants to be put in charge of the global world and all its wealth which they hope to acquire via climate change and the crises they themselves have helped develop.

They want to start with $40 billion each year. It’s not much they say when the world’s economy is $78 trillion.

The report also suggests tapping into what it calls “Islamic social finance” to help meet humanitarian needs in the Muslim world in particular.

They will give out grants with our tax money, making themselves even more powerful.

The authors nudge newly wealthy countries to be more generous, suggest that aid officials should tap the private sector more creatively, and fault some United Nations agencies for failing to systematically track and report on how its donor money is spent.

The microtax idea is modeled after a tax on airfare that helped raise about $2 billion between 2006 and 2011, largely for immunization programs worldwide, the Times reported.

The Pope has called for a global tax on carbon and the administration supports it.

The U.N. has also said in the past that they want to tax billionaires and give their money to poor countries, money which will undoubtedly end up in the hands of warlords, dictators and corrupt governments. It will subject our wealthy citizens to unlimited global taxation and governance.

This global minimum tax gives the power to regulate, oversee, and disperse the taxes collected to the U.N. not the U.S.


SOURCE and NY Times

8 thoughts on “UN Report Calls for a Global Tax

  1. Canada stopped financially supporting them years ago. Why can’t the U.S. do the same!!

    • There are those in our government that want a One World Government, the UN is a stepping stone to that new world order.

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