The Con Artist: A new Image by patriot Jon McNaughton

Jim Campbell's

crew-22312By Jim Campbell,

Indeed do we want one word under socialism or freedom?

The only thing that is free under socialism is free shared misery.

jmHillaryClinton_2_3__68820.1449188421.1280.1280He has nailed Hillary Clinton as deep as she can be nailed and still remain alive.

Many sell their votes to remain indentured servants on “Uncle Sam’s plantation,”  Sadly they do so with the hard-working tax payer paying their way. 

The bummer here for Mr. McNaughton is who would want this image of the troglodyte hanging in their home.

Here’s an idea, put it under the house to scare rats away.

See interview with Jon McNaughton and Sean Hannity below.

Hillary Clinton is about to face justice as the FBI is planning on coming down on here with ever gun they have.


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5 thoughts on “The Con Artist: A new Image by patriot Jon McNaughton

  1. It boggles the mind why she and Bill both aren’t in prison.

    • I guess like most in DC, they think they are above the Law.

      • LOL….I don’t know about you…IF I GO 10 MPH over the speed limit, I get a ticket!!! She and Bill have a Corpse List and horrors of other crimes…yet I get a damn ticket!!

  2. LOL…IF I EVER get another ticket…I’m gonna bring up Bill and Hillary and tell him to go after them!

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