Remember when Obama promised that he would not take vacations if elected President?

2012: Obama: “You have to understand that if you seek that office you have to be prepared to give your life to it.” “uh umm, you give me this office and in turn my, fears, doubts, insecurities, foibles, need for sleep, family life, vacations, leisure is gone. I am giving my self to you.”

Hillary’s Worst Scandal Isn’t Over Emails; It’s Why She MUST Go to JAIL!



Independent Sentinel

It’s only a matter of time before Trump gets to Hillary’s sleazy, scandalous Foundation. All Republicans need to go after this. That is where the real Achilles heel lies for Hillary. Her sales of arms to terror-sponsoring nations after they made abnormally large donations to her Foundation are more of a threat to national security than the email scandal ever could be.

Both Hillary and Obama have been supplying arms to terror-sponsoring and human rights abusing nations like Qatar who turn around and supply arms to al Qaeda and other jihadists. Obama appears to do it because he thinks these terrorist-friendly nations will be won over and Hillary does it after they’ve made large donations to her Foundation.

In July 2014, Apaches and Javelin defense systems headed off to Qatar as part of our wonderful relationship with the terror-sponsoring nation that also happens to share close ties with Hamas and Al Qaeda. The weapons were valued at $11 billion.

Qatar still won’t disavow the Muslim Brotherhood, but then again, neither will Obama or Hillary.

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A Congressional Overture to Censorship

Family Security Matters

Stephen Coughlin alerted me to a House Resolution introduced on December 17th, H.Res.569, “Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States.114th Congress (2015-2016).”  As of this writing, the country remains clueless about this development.

The resolution was introduced by Virginia Democrat Donald S. Beyer, and sponsored by Frank Pallone, a New Jersey Democrat, and endorsed by seventy-one other Representatives, most of them Democrats, and possibly a sprinkling of Republicans. The resolution has gone into committee, but one can predict with confidence that it will emerge virtually unscathed and unaltered. After all, the “victims” are Muslims, and the House wishes to put it in the record that certain of its members are against hurting anyone’s feelings.

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