The Most Frightening Thing About a Hillary Clinton Presidency


Independent Sentinel

Rumors of Hillary Clinton’s poor physical and mental condition have persisted for years.


Last month, State Department emails obtained by Judicial Watch revealed that Clinton’s close personal aide Huma Abedin (who has well-documented ties to the terror group the Muslim Brotherhood) warned colleagues that Clinton’s mental stability appeared to be deteriorating:

Abedin advised Clinton aide and frequent companion Monica Hanley that it was “very important” to go over phone calls with Clinton because the former Secretary of State was “often confused…”

The emails, from Abedin’s “” address, also reveal repeated security breaches, with the Secretary’s schedule and movements being sent and received through Abedin’s non-governmental and unsecured Clinton server account…


.. The emails document requests for special State Department treatment for a Clinton Foundation associate and Abedin’s mother, a controversial Islamist leader.

This week, on three separate occasions, Clinton seemed to affirm Abedin’s cautions, demonstrating significant confusion that raised the eyebrows of the media:huma

So we have a potential president who appears to have significant and troubling issues with mental acuity.

Furthermore, her most trusted personal aide and proxy, Huma Abedin, is linked — both directly and through family ties — to the terrorist group theMuslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood, in addition to being a notorious sponsor of Islamic terror worldwide, traces its lineage directly back to Nazi Germany.

So one does not have to be overly paranoid to imagine that Hillary’s personal version of Valerie Jarrett, i.e., a senior aide reputed to make many of the decisions in the White House, would be a potential Islamist sympathizer and/or conspirator.

Vote accordingly.

New Benghazi Email Shows DOD Offered State Department “Forces that Could Move to Benghazi” Immediately – Specifics Blacked Out in New Document

Photo via Fellowship of the Minds

Photo via Fellowship of the Minds

Judicial Watch

“They are spinning up as we speak.” U.S. Department of Defense Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash Tuesday, September 11, 2012, 7:19 PM

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released a new Benghazi email from then-Department of Defense Chief of Staff Jeremy Bash to State Department leadership immediately offering “forces that could move to Benghazi” during the terrorist attack on the U.S. Special Mission Compound in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. In an email sent to top Department of State officials, at 7:19 p.m. ET, only hours after the attack had begun, Bash says, “we have identified the forces that could move to Benghazi. They are spinning up as we speak.” The Obama administration redacted the details of the military forces available, oddly citing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemption that allows the withholding of “deliberative process” information.

Bash’s email seems to directly contradict testimony given by then-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta before the Senate Armed Services Committee in February 2013. Defending the Obama administration’s lack of military response to the nearly six-hour-long attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Panetta claimed that “time, distance, the lack of an adequate warning, events that moved very quickly on the ground prevented a more immediate response.”

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America’s Number One National Security Threat – The Democratic Party

US Defense Watch

The Democrats never seem to learn anything about national security. They view the world they want it to be, rather than the way it is. As ISIS murders its way across the planet, it’s more than obvious that the Democrats and President Obama are simply incapable of defending this country and furthermore, may in fact be, America’s Number One National Security Threat.

The Democratic Party A-Team:

Sanders – What would lunatic national security policy be without input from Comrade Bernie Sanders? Sanders vows to never send “our kids” into harm’s way. I hate to think guys in the SEALs or the Marines like being referred to as “our kids.” If you’re old enough to be a pop up target for Uncle Sam, Bernard, you’re not a kid. It’s such 1960’s leftist mumble jumble. Sanders needs to hop on a dog sled with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and ride off into the Siberian sunset whistling The Song of the Volga Boatmen.

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University of Tennessee Faculty Bigots Want to Abolish Christmas

Independent Sentinel

The University of Tennessee at Knoxville recently issued guidelines for employees to ensure their holiday party isn’t a Christmas party in disguise. Public officials are looking into this and demanding action.

Abolishing Christmas doesn’t make a place more inclusive, it excludes the majority of Americans. Inclusive would be a holiday party that also recognizes other cultures. That aside, the real problem here is a university telling staff what they can and cannot do during a legal national holiday.

I have an idea, why don’t they just butt out?

A HuffPo article began with this byline, Conservatives can’t stop freaking out about everything the University of Tennessee says or does. No, the liberals can’t stop freaking out when conservatives have an opinion or when people don’t like their freedom to even hold a holiday party and give cards taken away.

The statists at the university are encouraging employees to send non-denominational cards, use nondescript decor, and use food and beverages that do not appear to support a religion or culture.

Even the food! No Christmas or Dreidel cookies! This is beyond petty.

Leftists are not only totalitarian bigots, they’re no fun whatsoever.

And you know those fun Secret Santa games? Forget it. They want them obliterated also.

“Holiday parties and celebrations should not play games with religious and cultural themes — for example, ‘Dreidel’ or ‘Secret Santa.’ If you want to exchange gifts, then refer to it in a general way, such as a practical joke gift exchange or secret gift exchange,” the guidelines state.

College Fix reported that the list isn’t enforceable by the university.


“The university does not have an official policy regarding religious and culture decor or celebration in the workplace. However, we are fully committed to a diverse, welcoming and inclusive environment,” Lili’a Uili Neville, a spokeswoman for the university’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion, told the College Fix.

They may not have an official policy but they know that the staff would be afraid to do it now and they would be subject to problems from the first crank to complain.

“No one can ‘get in trouble’ if they choose not to use these best practices,” Neville continued. “They are an online resource for faculty and staff to review if they are interested in creating a more inclusive holiday environment within their departments and administrative units.”

They need to grow a backbone. Who says they are best practices?

According to the Tennessean, two state lawmakers, Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Dolores Gresham and Senate Government Operations Committee Chairman Mike Bell, are calling for the school’s chancellor to resign.

They need to get rid of the faculty too because they are in agreement with him.

“This is offensive to the vast majority of Tennesseans who help fund this university through their tax dollars,” Bell said in the email to the Tennessean. “We have lost confidence in Chancellor [Jimmy] Cheek’s ability to lead the state’s flagship university.”

Chancellor Jimmy Cheek

Chancellor Jimmy Cheek speaks during the dedication of Peyton Manning Pass on the University of Tennessee campus on Friday, October 19, 2012. (Chad Greene/Special to the News Sentinel)

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Imam Obama defines Islam for Muslims


American Thinker

During Sunday’s address to the nation, President Obama went to bat for Islam, as he so often does.  It matters not when, where, or how he defends it.  His compulsion to advocate for the ideology he so adores is relentless.  If he shills for Islam immediately following an Islamic terror attack, no problem.  Perhaps he even enjoys it, like poking his finger in our eye.  His sickness knows no bounds.  And so, among other things, on Sunday he said:

ISIL does not speak for Islam. They’re thugs and killers, part of a cult of death. And they account for a tiny fraction of more than a billion Muslims around the world, including many patriotic Muslim Americans who reject their hateful ideology.

Well, um, actually, ISIS does speak for Islam.  As noted in an article by Pamela Geller at Breitbart this weekend, here are a few among countless little gems from the Quran:

Slay them wherever you come upon them.

If they fight you, slay them.

Fight those who believe not in Allah.

They shall be slaughtered, or crucified, or their hands and feet shall be alternately struck off.

They shall be banished from the land.

Cast into the unbelievers hearts, terror.

Lie in wait for them at every place of ambush.

When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them tie fast the bonds.

Take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of Allah.

Please, Mr. Barry Soetoro, do tell us exactly how it is that ISIS does not speak for Islam.

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