Internet mocks Islamic State by editing rubber ducks into recruitment photos

Free Republic

via upi

WASHINGTON, – In an effort to disrespect and mock the Islamic State, members of the Reddit group 4chan have been editing recruitment photos to recast the terrorist group as a gang of rogue rubber ducks armed with toilet brushes.

The effort, informally referred to “Allahu Quackbar,” has 4chan “fighting terrorism with memes,” according to one member who posted in a Reddit forum that has taken the edited images to a wider audience.

“How about castrating the image of Isis by replacing the faces on ALL the propaganda photos with bath ducks?,” wrote one 4chan member as the effort began to gain some steam, according to The Guardian.

Although some members of the terrorist group have received both duck tails and heads, most have just been given big yellow heads with orange beaks, and many of their guns have been replaced with toilet brushes.