Obama’s Setting Us Up for Another 9/11

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We have an FBI director who is putting on a “brave face”, there are terror warnings throughout the world, recent terror attacks, and a refugee screening process that is frighteningly and deeply flawed. Wait until you see how we screen the refugees and who does the screening. It doesn’t matter what his intentions are, Barack Obama is setting us up for another 9/11. It might not be this year but it will happen.

I’ve often contended the terrorists will wait until he’s out of office because he’s the best friend they could ever hope to have in the White House. 0 The holiday season is upon us and many are worried about the obvious that it would be a perfect time for jihadis to attack Americans. As 9/11 is etched in our memories so could Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year’s. The terror groups have shown their eagerness to attack US and US interests and to blow up soft targets. Their enthusiasm for killing innocents stems from the fact that it’s a great recruitment tool. Brussels has raised the terror alert to the highest level and issued a warning that they are facing an “imminent threat”. At least one Paris terror suspect remains at large.

The US has issued a specific warning for Americans in Brussels. Comey We can NOT track terrorists in the US and there are 1,000 open cases in the US. Officials familiar with the bureau’s preparations, speaking only on condition of anonymity, said Director James Comey has put a “brave public face” on the bureau’s fight against ISIS that masks significant tensions behind the scenes with the Obama administration, the AP reported.

“We have suspects we’ve been tracking that have gone dark, because we can no longer follow their encrypted activities. Physical surveillance can only take us so far and the urgency to solve that gap in the political ralm isn’t there,” one official told the media on condition of anonymity.



Last week, Comey told an assembled House committee that “The only thing we can query is information that we have, so if we have no information on someone, they’ve never crossed our radar screen, they’ve never been a ripple in the pin, there will be no record of them there and so it will be challenging,” he warned.

The process for vetting refugees, which the mainstream media will not share with the American public is deeply flawed.

Syrian refugees and all refugees are almost entirely referred by the UNHRC which gets their recommendations from the OIC, the radical Office of Islamic Cooperation who are committed to Shariah law worldwide. They give them their refugee status.

From there, once they are declared “refugees”, they are referred to the United States. Their screening is questionable but you might be even more shocked at what the US does.

The US screening process begins at a resettlement support center or RSC. You won’t be pleased to know the US contracts out to foreigners. It is the staff at the RSC who compile the personal information, background checks and other identifying information.

The RSC is not a US organization except for the funding – it’s international and the staff are not robustly screened. It’s the same screening process you would see for any job and not for a high-level security clearance screening.

They also find employees locally so if the office is in Lebanon and Qater, the employees will be residents of the area.

It’s funded by US taxpayers. The Board of the RSC are all liberal corporate execs and tax cheat Tim Geithner.

They operate in  Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan plus hot spots in Africa and throughout the world.

This information then goes to the State Department for screening using databases, of which failed countries have none.

After the foreigner, perhaps a foreigner in a hotbed of terror does the compilation, they are turned loose on the USCIS which accepts this information as near-gospel.

The refugee is then fingerprinted, photographed and goes through an in-person interview with USCIS. The USCIS officer makes the final determination and their documents are checked by customs as they enter the US. The process which I first saw at The American Thinker can be read below.

Jim Comey said earlier this month that,  “I don’t want to scare people by saying, ‘I’m certain people will die.’ What I’m certain of is this: On the current course and speed, my ability to discharge my number one responsibility will be materially diminished.”

ISIS has mastered social media.

“They are pushing this through Twitter… So there is a device — almost a devil on their shoulder — all day long, saying: ‘Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill,”

Comey said. They have found a way to go “dark” and hide all their communications.

“And if they find someone interested in this, we will see them give them directions to a mobile messaging app that is end-to-end encrypted and tell them, contact me here, and they disappear.” We simply can’t track them.


Texas Republican congressman Blake Farenthold told The Washington Times, “We have testimony saying, and I think common sense also dictates that in a failed state like Syria you don’t have any government information, police reports to rely on to vet somebody,” the congressman added.

“So there’s no way to do a background check from somebody coming out of Syria. There’s no way we can find out whether they’re safe or not.”

If you also take into account our weak and feckless screening policy, it’s time to be very afraid.

It’s not only that, anyone can come here from Europe and almost anyone can get a visa and we don’t track those who jump visas and disappear into US neighborhoods.

Trey Gowdy spoke for many of us this week in his perfect response to Obama when he said the GOP is fearful of “orphans and widows.”

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