Whatever Happened To Accountability?

Family Security Matters

President Obama has recently released 6,000 federal “non-violent drug offenders” back into our communities without them completing their entire sentences.

California Governor Jerry Brown releases hundreds of convicted murders and thousands of other “non-violent offenders” from state prisons because of alleged overcrowding. Some prisoners only did a fraction of their sentences before being released.

Hollywood starlets spend 45 minutes in the Los Angeles County Jail for drunk driving convictions because of overcrowding.

Someone who didn’t file federal income taxes for years hires a tax attorney who convinces the IRS to reduce the amount owned by 85%.

California voters decide to lower some felony crimes to misdemeanors in an effort to “save money” on state prisons. When the crime rate goes up, these same people who voted for proposition 47 are scratching their heads asking why?

Gov. Brown has suspended high school exit exams apparently because too few students were passing them.

When federal prosecutors finally decide to indict someone for making a straw purchase of a firearm for a convicted felon or gang member, they consistently take a plea bargain allowing the individual to receive probation. Then liberal gun control freaks blame the NRA for gun violence.

President Obama and Hillary Clinton both want to restore voting rights to convicted felons, and conceal their criminal histories from perspective employers.

Juvenile offenders get to have their criminal records expunged.

Poor work performers are allowed to resign in lieu of being fired.

Those convicted of possessing hard drugs, which are felonies, can go to a drug rehab to get their convictions erased.

Speeders can go to traffic school in lieu of paying a fine and get their speeding ticket erased from their driving record.

President Obama violates his oath of office by circumventing Congress and the Constitution to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country. He makes efforts to close GITMO prison, despite a Congressional act against such a move. Yet, there is not even a peep from Congress about impeaching him.

High school students in Michigan are paid up to $400.00 per school year to organize an event or even read a book.

Illegal aliens either sneak into the country or overstay their visas. But, instead of punishing them for violating federal immigration laws and deporting them, they are rewarded with free housing, free education, in-state tuition, free medical care, and they are shielded from immigration authorities by “sanctuary cities.”

Hundreds of cities declare themselves “sanctuary cities,” yet, Democrat senators filibuster any attempt to either cut federal funding to them, or mandating a five year sentence for those who return to the country after being deported.

About two dozen states allow for either “medical marijuana” or “recreational” use of the drug, which is against federal law; however the president orders his U.S. attorneys not to prosecute anyone in those states for federal drug violations.

Whatever happened to accountability?

Remember when there were consequences for bad behavior? Like when you didn’t study for a test, you received something less than an “A?” Or, if you received a well-deserved speeding ticket as a juvenile, your parents’ auto insurance premiums increased. That meant you were responsible for getting a part-time job to pay for the increase? Or, when criminals knew there was a risk of long-term imprisonment if they were caught buying a gun for someone else, robbing a bank, or selling drugs?

Those days are slipping away fast.

In Liberal Utopia, NO ONE is held responsible for their actions. You see, it’s society’s fault when someone becomes a drug dealer, bank robber, illegal alien, or whatever. It could NEVER be THEIR fault. Some external influence made them speed, steal, get expelled from school, join a gang or rob a store. And, to prove how much their hearts bleed for them, liberals don’t ever want anyone to know just what a rotten, conniving, thieving, cheating, dope dealing SOBs they are, so, they’re going to fix the system so they will never have to be accountable for anything ever again.

Back in the day there was a saying, “If you ain’t got the time, don’t do the crime.” Now, when someone commits the crime and is lucky enough to have an Eric Holder as Attorney General, or a Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as president, just file a petition and they’ll find an excuse to let you return to society to victimize more people.

Bring back accountability and there will be better grades in school, more high school graduates, less crime, less drunk drivers, and substantially fewer illegal aliens.

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