Secret Service ‘Aware’ of Bizarre Video Messages to ‘Kill the President’

Screenshot from video

Screenshot from video

The Secret Service says that it is “aware” of a bizarre video circulating across the Internet that contains coded messages to kill the president and provides GPS coordinates to the White House.

While the Secret Service would not provide information or details about any potential investigation into the video and its creators, an official told the Washington Free Beacon that it is familiar with the video and its contents.

The video [WARNING: This video contains graphic content], which has become the subject of much speculation in Internet forums and elsewhere across the web, depicts an anonymous hooded figure in medical garb worn by doctors during the bubonic plague. Cacophonous music plays over the video as the figure makes a series of gestures that have been determined to contain hidden messages.

Further examination of the video has shown that it contains coded messages to “kill the president” and provides satellite coordinates for the White House. These messages have prompted speculation that the video is a warning for potential terrorist attacks by radicalized individuals.

In addition to the messages, audio analysis of the video has revealed hidden images depicting the torture and murder of women, as well as a message: “You are already dead.”

Other coded characters have been found to state, “A new order is on the rise. You will join, or you will fall. The virus has spread too far; it must be stopped.”

Another cipher seems to indicate hostility toward America states: “Soon comes the fall. Another great empire. The Fall. The Eagles on the horizon. Join us … We are the antivirus and will protect the world body.”

Several of the other puzzles hidden in the video have yet to be solved.

2 thoughts on “Secret Service ‘Aware’ of Bizarre Video Messages to ‘Kill the President’

  1. the CIA probably created the video, in case they decide to follow through on their tentative plans to get rid of o’bama (false flag event)

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