FBI Director Reveals How Many Islamic Operatives Are INSIDE America… It’s an Army

Conservative Tribune

The Islamic State group has made it clear that they are planning terror attacks against America. There have already been several so-called “lone wolf” attacks perpetrated by individuals inspired by the Islamic State organization.

As if that weren’t bad enough, FBI Director James Comey recently revealed how many possible Islamic State group-affiliated terrorists were being investigated inside the United States.

According to USA Today, Comey told a group of intelligence officials roughly 900 such investigations were ongoing.

You read that number correctly. According to Comey, the FBI had nearly 1,000 active investigations into Islamic State-inspired individuals in America.

Comey initially said that all the inquiries were related to the Islamic State group, but later revised his remarks and said that a “vast majority” were related to that radical organization.

Worse, Comey stated that the number of individuals inspired by the Islamic State has been “slowly climbing” as the extremists continued to dominate the battlefield of the Middle East.

The Islamic State has largely targeting young people in the United States who have some sort of gripe against America. Through social media campaigns and other means, the Islamic State has attempted to brainwash these people into working for them.

Comey referenced this past summer, when fears were at an all-time high that the Islamic State was planning an attack during the Fourth of July.

“If that becomes the new normal … That would be hard to keep up,” said Comey. He also mentioned that it was unclear if the FBI had the resources to investigate all those threats.

Despite what President Obama would like us to think, the Islamic States poses a grave threat to our way of life. We all need to remind vigilant. None of us knows when or where the next terror attack will occur, or who will be behind it.

6 thoughts on “FBI Director Reveals How Many Islamic Operatives Are INSIDE America… It’s an Army

  1. Hear this…bang bang

  2. and they’re telling US instead of DOING SOMETHING? Kind of sounds like Alex Jones always shouting to the sheeple about it. Kind of sounds like a warning that there will be a False Flag event (done by the FBI or CIA and blamed on the islamists) and backed up by the fake “media” to misinform the sheeple.

    • if we’re lucky, they’ll start in DC with congress and o’bama in these False Flag attacks (but they won’t because it’s those same satanists that are behind ISIS and directing their attacks. If they want to get away with it, they’ll attack some liberal city where nobody has guns to protect themselves.

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