To Please Islamist, Sears Stops Selling Infidel Hats




As if pulling Confederate flags in cooperation with the campaign to eradicate the South as a historic and cultural entity weren’t disgusting enough, Sears has now pulled infidel hats, apparently because a single Muslim doesn’t like them:

Islamic supremacist Imraan Siddiqi complained to Sears about the hats, and it was apparently his complaint alone that was enough for them to remove the hats from sale. After he succeeded in strong-arming Sears into removing the hats, he screamed “Allahu akbar”.

While he is at it, Siddiqi should demand that all Sears employees face Mecca and grind their faces on the floor five times a day.

The lib media is predictably delighted. No doubt that’s why Sears caved instantly.

In its long history of expanding at the expense of civilization, never has Islam encountered so little resistance.

Fortunately infidel gear can still be purchased from retailers of integrity, like the highly recommended Gadsden & Culpeper.

Compliments of Stormfax.

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