Look who’s talking about Obama IMPEACHMENT now

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Talk of impeaching President Obama is nothing new. Many of you readers have long argued for it, based on Obama’s myriad and ongoing attempts to “fundamentally transform” – aka, weaken (destroy) this republic. Or his now well-known lies to the American people, such as “if you like your plan, you can keep it.” Or his release of Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for the release of five dangerous Taliban members. Or even just the president’s basic failure to uphold our republic’s rule of law – which he took an oath to protect – the Constitution.

But, until now, suggestions of Obama’s impeachment were largely the domain of the American people and their leaders – perhaps even limited to “politically motivated” and/or “racist” Republicans. So the latest suggestion of impeachment is especially startling given its source.

As Western Journalism reports:

Twitter is buzzing over a shocking claim made by a senior EU diplomat concerning the mental health of President Obama. The comment was revealed by a columnist for the New York Observer Wednesday.

John Schindler, the Observer’s national security columnist, tweeted a harsh assessment of the president.

The tweet notes that one of our allies thinks that Obama is “quite mentally unwell,” and asked whether or not he could be impeached.

Americans displeased with President Obama’s actions debate whether he’s a feckless, out-of-touch, inexperienced leader – or whether he’s actually extremely calculating and knows exactly what he’s doing. But this senior EU diplomat offers a new – and maybe even more troubling – perspective. Could it be that President Obama is not actually crazy like a fox – but just plain crazy?

Incidentally, in an seemingly unrelated comment, Russian President Vladimir Putin is accusing the Obama administration of having “mush for brains.”

Either assessment doesn’t bode well for the American people, who still have 16 months to endure of an Obama presidency. But what are the chances of anything actually happening on impeachment? Western Journalism explains:

It isn’t surprising that a foreigner might be confused over our impeachment process, though. Many Americans are also confused over the scheme. But impeachment isn’t really a strictly legal process.

The fact is, impeachment is far more a political action than it is a legal one, and there has to be a political will on the part of Congress to go into the process of impeachment to start with.

There are two parts to impeachment. The House of Representatives is responsible for impeaching a president and declaring him unfit for office. But the House ruling of impeachment does not remove a president from office, for it is the duty of the Senate to convict and remove a president from the White House.

Only two presidents have ever been impeached. Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868, a few years after the civil war and the assassination of Abe Lincoln, and Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 after he lied to Congress about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Consequently, despite those two impeachments, no president has ever been removed from office by a final ruling in the Senate.

One president, Richard Nixon, resigned from office before he could be impeached.

Even if Congress were to take action on impeachment, it’s likely to be a messy and long process – and therefore may not be practical at this stage in any case, with just 16 months left to go.

In that case, we’ve got to lean on our Republican majority in Congress to do their jobs and provide the checks and balances intended to rein in executive power.

It’s going to be a long 16 months.

2 thoughts on “Look who’s talking about Obama IMPEACHMENT now

  1. This is just more evidence that o’bama is too much of a “loose cannon” and has to “go down”. biteme (biden) will replace him and be kept in in 2016 with a “sympathy vote” (voter fraud and rigged balloting) so the puppeteers have a stupider puppet for years to come.

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