Jackson Hole Administrators Ban America Pride Day to Not OFFEND!

America Pride

Independent Sentinel

The administrators at a Wyoming high school canceled America Pride Day which was to take place as part of homecoming because they didn’t want to offend the foreigners in school, who are predominantly Hispanic.

Some only arrived a month ago, said the activities director. Isn’t that more of a reason to get them right into the pride we feel as Americans or is that taboo?

The administrators didn’t want the foreign students to be left out so they left out the Americans. They’ve got it all wrong. This could have been a uniting event.

The administrators were concerned the foreigners would feel badly. Feel badly to be in America?

This could have been a way to help students assimilate. What are they teaching the new students? Couldn’t they have included them in some way.

They replaced America Pride Day with College Day even though many won’t go to college.

What about the American students who will feel badly that they can’t feel pride in America in Jackson Hole?

The students took matters into their own hands and wore red, white and blue on their own.

A large group of senior students and some juniors protested by bedecking themselves with American flag capes, American flag headbands, American flag shorts and all manner of beautifully and garishly patriotic American flag ornamentation.

After school, one kid also drove a diesel truck around the parking lot with a bunch of American flags waving in the breeze.

This is how the school defines themselves on their website: The high school reflects a population of progressive and forward thinking entrepreneurs, business people, and professionals who, working with Jackson’s long established ranching, farm, and recreation communities, and the newly arrived Latino residents, are the driving force behind a thriving and prosperous western town. Shouldn’t that also reflect pride in America, the country that allows all of us – Americans and foreigners, even those here illegally – to thrive?

What do you think? Is the school right?

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