Obama’s Silent Declaration: We Are Not U.S. Citizens, We Are Global Citizens

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Independent Sentinel

When Barack Obama first ran for office, business magnate Rupert Murdoch spoke highly of him. Murdoch liked Obama until he spoke to him about his views on globalism. Murdoch described them as “dangerous.” Most didn’t know what Murdoch meant at the time but we are now beginning to find out. He’s moved forward with his agenda slowly  but he’s quickened the pace – he has only 15 months to go.

On Friday, our president signed the U.S. on to the UN’s “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”. He subjugated Americans and the U.S. Treasury to the U.N.. It’s a massive redistribution scheme and we are the bank.

Obama sees himself as a president of the world and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him take over Ban Ki-moon’s position one day. His loyalty does not lie with the United States.

In his speech at the Global Citizen festival, he told us what our values are. “We’ve come together as one world to realize the change that we seek. Today we’re setting new global goals for development and every nation, every sector, every government and every citizen has to do our part. That’s how change happens. That’s how together we can uphold the inherent dignity of every human being.”

Every local, state and federal government will now be focused on these goals, forming an intricate web and it will be hard to extricate us from it.

It’s never about helping the poor in Chicago and Detroit where the youth are being swallowed up, not by guns, but by gangs. It’s not about the poor of Appalachia, the farmers suffering in California, the ranchers who can’t afford the grazing fees, the elderly who live on canned food, the Little Sisters of the Poor, or the police officers who are murdered.

He’s a global citizen and he is planning for us to be as well. He’s not an American in the usual sense. He’s more Indonesian than he is American.

His self-righteousness is rooted in Marxist ideology and he will decide our values for us.

“Dignity, it’s that basic idea that by virtue of our common humanity, no matter where we come from or what we look like, we are all born equal. And that every person deserves to live free from want,” he pronounced. He’s wrapping his glorious world plan in ideals no one can reject.

We’ve got to cure all the “profound injustices” in the world in accordance with Marxist dictates. His brand of social justice is Marxism, make no mistake.

He’s getting us ready to accept a massive redistribution mechanism to fund the sustainable development program. This is preparation for the upcoming climate summit in December. We are being manipulated.

“Every citizen has to do our part,” he condescendingly insisted. He is making us responsible for the world and he wants us to feel guilty enough for our success to welcome the opportunity.

How many times has he put some far-left, crazy idea forward and followed it up saying, such and such was “inconsistent with our values as nation”.

Who is he to come into the presidency and lie his way into fundamentally transforming us into some bizarre leftist nation without sovereignty, without borders, with inconsistent morality, powerless before our enemies. He has allied us with evil nations and rejected those who hope to defeat evil.

It’s all been preparation for his new global order. That’s what all the illegal immigration is about. It’s what the refugees are about. It’s why he spends wildly and drags more and more people into poverty and entitlements. He has little or no regard for individualism, property rights, small business, conscience rights, maintaining our military power and standing on the world stage, protecting our dignity as Americans in an exceptional nation. He is giving Iran the bomb and erasing anything that smacks of traditional America and traditional values for a reason.

There is a reason the leftists don’t want us to think of our country as exceptional and America as the land of opportunity. It’s the same reason they want to divide us along cultural lines and erase our heritage. It’s the same reason he is trying to nationalize all pillars of our society and eradicate the powers of Congress and obliterate States’ Rights. It’s the reason he loves these treaties that will force us to give up some level of sovereignty.

We are to be a cog in the wheel.

Barack Obama is the enemy who is selling us out to the dictators and statists in the U.N. because that’s who he is – a statist and a dictator.

It should be obvious by now.


5 thoughts on “Obama’s Silent Declaration: We Are Not U.S. Citizens, We Are Global Citizens

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  2. Yes, it SHOULD be obvious. Like when he told us to give up our Starbucks so we could purchase Obamacare. Only on a much, much larger scale!! Scary stuff here. Thanks for posting this.

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