Hillary Clinton Wants Your Guns!

Independent Sentinel

Hillary Clinton supported a national gun tax of 25% in 1993! Maybe she should go into South Chicago and start collecting that tax.

Her views haven’t changed. Electing her means hearing an echo of Barack Obama’s voice every time a crime is committed with a gun.

When has she missed an opportunity to condemn gun ownership?

Hillary and her statist friends want to make it as uncomfortable as possible for legal gun owners to own a gun. They won’t confiscate them, they will just make it impossible to own one – if you are a legal gun owner that is.

This is a taste of what life under Hillary will be like. She’s not much different from Bernie Sanders in her views.


One thought on “Hillary Clinton Wants Your Guns!

  1. I’ll make her the same offer I made Barry. 1) I’m not racist or sexist. I’m an Equal Opportunity Offender. 2) If you plan to violate the 2nd Amendment or try to deter people from their rights to arms by excessive taxes, the banning of imports, excessive fees, etc.- you will find yourself in a fight you can’t win or get out of. 3) You want my guns? Grow a pair (In her case I think she already has some) and bring yourself to my front door, and take them. Well- you can try. might want to bring help though. Lots of it.

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