Barack Obama has become Putin’s b*tch

putin-dont-always-make-obama-look-like-punk-bitch-just-kiddi-politics-1379278380Flopping Aces

Right now Obama is Putin’s bitch.

Today Vladimir Putin is the strongest leader and the most powerful man in the world. Barack Obama has capitulated to Iran. World wide, he’s done. He’s left the building. He’s running out the clock. And he’s getting his ass kicked everywhere.

American adversaries sense Obama’s weakness and are flexing their muscles. Look at the headlines

95,000 Russian troops in massive military drill…

Flights Over Iraq and Iran Defy Obama Objections…

Russia positioning tanks at Syria airfield…

Face Off: China’s Navy Stalks U.S. Ship in South China Sea

US official: Iranian warships approach US Navy in the Straight of Hormuz ‘on a nearly daily basis’

Obama? Well, he’s “flummoxed” :

Russia’s recent military buildup in Syria has perplexed the Obama administration and left it in a quandary as to how to respond, complicating Washington’s efforts to both combat Islamic State extremists and assist moderate rebels trying to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad.Underscoring U.S. uncertainty about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions, Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday placed his third phone call in 10 days to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, seeking clarity about Moscow’s moves, the State Department said. “Kerry made clear that Russia’s continued support for President Assad risks exacerbating and extending the conflict, and undermining our shared goal of fighting extremism if we do not also remain focused on finding a solution to the conflict in Syria via a genuine political transition,” the department said in a statement.

But hey, we’re spending $500 million for five Syrian soldiers


Obama: We have no strategy.

On top of that, Obama’s cooking the intelligence books to make things look better than they really are.

North Korea wants in on the fun:

NKorea warns it has restarted all nuclear bomb fuel plants


“North Korea should refrain from irresponsible provocation that serve only to aggravate regional tensions.”

Scary stuff

China conducted a massive cyber attack on the US:

Massive Data Breach as Government Computers Are Hacked

Feds Feared Tens of Millions Impacted by OPM Hack, Internal Memo Says

Dick Clarke: Cyber Security Efforts Show ‘Almost Criminal Negligence’


Obama Hints at Sanctions Against China Over Cyberattacks

Hints. Strong letter to follow. He’ll likely send Neville Kerry to negotiate another capitulation.

Barack Obama has lost interest in foreign policy. Everything he has touched has turned to crap. Obama abandoned Iraq and ISIS filled the void. The proof is two-fold. One, Obama did leave a residual force in Afghanistan and two, Obama had to send Americans back into Iraq to try to prop it up, SOFA or not. Obama knocked over Gaddafi and now it’s a safe haven for ISIS and Al Qaeda. Bonus: 20,000 stingers went missing. If Obama has his way, the Muslim Brotherhood would rule Egypt. We can thank Sisi that they do not.

We’re adrift. We’re weakened. Unfortunately, Obama’s got lots of time to make it worse.

A year ago I said that this

would be Obama’s foreign policy for the next two years. And it’s come to pass. America was too arrogant. It needed to be knocked down a peg. He did it.

At one time the President of the United States was the most powerful man in the world. Obama has gotten what he wants- he’s Putin’s bitch.

2 thoughts on “Barack Obama has become Putin’s b*tch

  1. If they are our enemy, the Obama is their bitch.

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