Area 51: U.S. Air Force Sues Family To Take And Destroy Their Property Next To Famous “UFO Base”


Weasel Zippers

It isn’t stealing if the government does it.


THEY’VE been bombed, shot at, and intimidated for 60 years. But the Sheahans don’t want to give up their land to the “neighbours from hell.”

The family own the 400 acre Groom Mine, which overlooks Area 51, one of America’s most closely guarded military secrets and a mecca for UFO spotters and conspiracy theorists from all over the world.

Located in the Nevada Desert, the military base officially known as “The Nevada Test and Training Range” borders on the Sheahan’s property, which has been in the family since 1889.
The family’s allegations range from illegal government searches and checkpoints to military jet attacks on the mine and a devastating cancer cluster that has seen the premature deaths of several members.

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2 thoughts on “Area 51: U.S. Air Force Sues Family To Take And Destroy Their Property Next To Famous “UFO Base”

  1. Well the farm was there BEFORE the “Test Site” was thought about. The searches and checkpoints are not only harrassment, but an obstruction- especially if it happens on their private land. That’s enough justification to just drive on through, and show whoever is on duty the physical representation of their approximation of the I.Q. of the person who ordered the action and Barrys at the same time. I’m sure it’s a single digit number. As far as bombing of your personal property- and the law gets you nowhere, I would consider returning the favor. If that isn’t possible, then long range shooting at moving targets with a 338, 416, or a 50 might be in order- and justified.

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