Obama has documents on Iran’s support of Al Qaeda, but he won’t release them



You may not realize that, when U.S. Navy SEALs showed up at Osama bin Laden’s hideout for the purpose of putting a bullet in his brain, they also carried off a sizeable number of documents pertaining to Al Qaeda’s operations around the world, including information about which nations provide substantial support in the form of both financing and access to territory, training facilities and so on.

I’ll give you one guess which country was a prominent supporter. I’ll give you a hint: Obama and Kerry recently negotiated a deal with this country that relieves it of economic sanctions while making it much easier for it to cheat on inspections of nuclear weapon facilities it is not supposed to have. Any country coming to mind?

Obama is now in possession of extensive documentation concerning the Iran-Al Qaeda nexus, but don’t expect to see it any time soon. As the Wall Street Journal reports, Obama refuses to make most of these documents public:

Unlike so many terrorists didn’t take all of his secrets to the grave. The Navy SEALs who hunted him down also brought back from his Abbottabad hideout many files on al Qaeda’s plans as well as its cooperation with Iran. The question is why the public hasn’t been allowed to see them.

In a speech at the American Enterprise Institute last week, Dick Cheney quoted former Defense Intelligence Agency Gen.Michael Flynn saying there are “letters about Iran’s role, influence and acknowledgment of enabling al Qaeda operatives to pass through Iran as long as al Qaeda did its dirty work against the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan.” The former DIA director has also said Congress should seek all bin Laden documents related to Iran because they are “very telling.”

Here’s an example from one file that has been released. In a memo to bin Laden, an al Qaeda operative talks about another who is ready to travel:

“The destination, in principle, is Iran, and he has with him 6 to 8 brothers that he chose. I told him we are waiting for final complete confirmation from you to move, and agree on this destination (Iran). His plan is: stay around three months in Iran to train the brothers there then start moving them and distributing them in the world for their missions and specialties.”

I’m sure it’s possible there are some documents that need to remain classified for strategic reasons, and we all know the Obama Administration and its various secretaries of State take the handling of classified information with the utmost seriousness. But for the most part, this looks like a matter of Obama wanting to hide information that would be embarrassing to him in the aftermath of his insane giveaway to the very same nation that was providing aid and comfort to the man who ordered the takedown of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

It’s standard operation procedure in the Obama White House to think about politics first, and the national interest maybe at some point down the line, when considering the release of any information whatsoever. Had they cared about it, Obama and Kerry could have held out for real concessions from Iran on its continued support of global terrorism – making it a condition of any deal to remove sanctions. But in their minds, that demand had always been the problem in the first place. Their goal was never to stop Iran from aiding terrorism. Their goal was to get a deal, and the insistence of previous leaders on making the end of terror support a condition for a deal was the reason the deal never got done. Obama’s solution? Eliminate the requirement to end terror support, get a deal. Easy peasy.

Of course, the result is that we’re now aiding and abetting (and helping to finance) the nuclear ambitions of a regime that aids terrorists around the globe – and letting the public see the documentation of this in all its ugly detail would not be an enjoyable experience for Obama. So he hides the information, and not much of the news media is demanding that he release it, because most of them are his stenographers and not real journalists.

3 thoughts on “Obama has documents on Iran’s support of Al Qaeda, but he won’t release them

  1. Iran’s support of al qaida? Would that be the support given to them (otherwise known as Syrian Freedom Fighters) that the US gave? (remember, al qaida is CIA)

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