America’s Unraveling

Family Security Matters

While we go about our daily lives, Europe and America are quickly unraveling.  It is a scenario we attempt to ignore on both sides of the Atlantic as we go about our daily lives, much like the Europeans and Americans did pre-1939.  Meanwhile there is an ominous dark storm gathering, but if we look outside our window, the sun is shining, the restaurants are full with patrons, and stores are busy with shoppers; yet, if we turn on the news reports or open the paper, there it is.

We see the images of thousands of Muslim invaders descending onto European shores who believe Europe is theirs for the taking.   Making their way from Africa, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Turkey by the boat load, they bring with them a hostile ideology that threatens the security of Europe.   They are also entering America under the U.N. Refugee Resettlement Program.  The Obama administration, the Obama State Department, and the Democratic Party are encouraging the resettlement of 65,000 Syrians in over 195 American cities in 2015 alone.  This is being done without any local consent or control and in addition to the millions of Muslims we have allowed in over the last two decades.

With the influx of Muslims have come the thousands of mosques that have been quietly and not so quietly built in small cities and urban areas throughout the United States.  A study conducted by the Center for Security Policy found 80% of the mosques provided their mosques with jihad style literature promoting violence.  It should come as no surprise that for the last year, over 60 Islamic terrorist attacks by Muslim immigrants have been foiled.

The unraveling of Europe and America began when the seeds for America’s transformation were planted decades ago.  Taking a page from Saul Alinsky and Cloward- Piven, America’s Left knew America to be too strong to destroy from outside; thus, the Left concocted a plan to take America down from within through mass disruption, and we now find ourselves bewildered as we see America coming apart at the seams.

Where once E pluribus unum (from many one) was a cornerstone of America’s fabric, the Left instead introduced multiculturalism and the concept that all cultures are equal.  Patriotism and nationalism were frowned upon and labeled xenophobic.  Our schools and universities became indoctrination centers of Leftist ideology championing Socialism and fostering an agenda of anti-Americanism by labeling America as a colonial and imperial empire responsible for the Third World’s failed status.

The Left’s next step was to divide and conquer.  No longer were new immigrants urged to assimilate to American culture or encouraged to learn our native English.  Instead, bilingual education and the required translation of government forms into as many as a hundred languages, costing taxpayers millions, became the official requirement.  Immigrants were no longer required to assimilate.  Instead, Americans were the ones required to assimilate to the language and customs of the newly arrived.  Ethnic Studies Departments were set up at hundreds of universities, and along with it, foreign donations by the billions poured in from hostile Islamic countries which saw a window of opportunity to influence America’s domestic and foreign policy.

The Balkanization of America was well under way and with it came the various multinational enclaves in every major urban area.  One could travel down many roads in different parts of the country and not hear a word of English spoken or see a sign written in English.  From there, it was only a small leap from balkanization to accusations of disenfranchisement.

Suddenly, we had a new underclass encouraged by racial hustlers and their Leftist counterparts.   Ethnic, racial, and gender division along with class warfare became the new buzz words used by professors, journalists, campus activists, and agitators as a means to polarize Americans.  A class of victims was established who demanded redistribution of wealth, diversity (although not diversity of thought) in education and the work place, entitlements, and who also raised a host of grievances against America’s institutions.  We see those grievances at play today in cities such as Ferguson, Baltimore, New York, and Detroit and carried out by groups such as Black Lives Matter, La Raza, Justice For Palestine, and the Black Panthers among others.

However, the Balkanization and class division would not have been complete without the removal of G-d and religion from society.    Our founders, in their wisdom, recognized that a free Republic was only as good as the morality of the men who led it.  “In God We Trust” is inscribed in our national motto.  For 200 years, we did not stray far from that motto, but beginning with the 1960’s baby boomer rebellion, and with encouragement from the Left, we saw the destruction of tradition and of every major social taboo.  There were no longer any boundaries in behavior and speech.  Shame and stigma became a thing of the past as families began to disintegrate from divorce.  Illegitimacy was no longer shameful but something to celebrate.  Promiscuity became an ancient word.  The slaughter of millions of unborn babies was justified under “freedom of choice”.   Drug use became common with some championing its legalization.   Marriage was redefined to include same sex couples, and the freedom for men and women to change sexual identity regardless of their physiology was the nail in the coffin.

Today, we find ourselves led by a government of immoral men from both sides of the aisle whose allegiance is to the almighty dollar instead of their constituencies.  The election of Barack Hussain Obama is the culmination of all that the Left had dreamed.  Our sovereignty and Constitutional Republic has been lost as borders are erased and laws are routinely disregarded.  We are no longer a country of laws, but a country of men.  It will take a return to God, morality, nationalism, and the courage to die to get it back.

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