THE BIG DECEPTION: “Unclassified then became classified later” [Hillary emails]

Photo via Forbes

Photo via Forbes


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Much of the classified information contained within Hillary’s emails was NOT marked with classification markings. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT SAID CONTENTS WERE NOT CLASSIFIED AT THE TIME, HOWEVER. Classified information is classified the minute it is born and rarely, if EVER becomes classified LATER. Taking a top secret page then stamping it ‘TOP SECRET’ and then saying “Okay, NOW it’s classified” is a misnomer! That top secret page was top secret LONG BEFORE IT WAS STAMPED!!! See the BIG DECEPTION Hillary and the administration is pulling here?

The big LIE is that Team Hillary and the complicit corrupt White House WANTS us to believe that because the classified contents of her emails were not marked with classification markings at the time, then they are not considered classified until they get marked with classification markings! Does the enemy care if the classified information they receive is marked or not? HELL NO, ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS THAT THEY’VE LEARNED SOMETHING ABOUT THEIR ENEMY (THE U.S.) THAT THEY SHOULD’VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO FIND OUT!!! After all, this is WHY classified information is classified in the first place, right?

Do they REALLY think we’re stupid enough to believe their BIG DECEPTION that it’s “now-classified” but wasn’t at the time it was on her server? The contents of Hillary’s emails that were classified ARE CLASSIFIED WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE MARKED AND A SECRETARY OF STATE (OF ALL PEOPLE) SHOULD KNOW JUST FROM READING IT. Trying to BULLSH*T US into thinking she is in the clear because all her classified emails were not marked so therefore they aren’t classified is a disgusting and pathetic STUNT and we’re NOT FALLING FOR IT ONE BIT.

Hillary placed America in serious jeopardy with her careless disregard for proper classified material handling and you can BET there are a few foreign (and ENEMY) gov’ts that have ALL of her emails and are chomping at the bit to BLACKMAIL HER WITH THREATS OF RELEASING THESE EMAILS PUBLICLY WHEN AND IF SHE IS ELECTED PRESIDENT. Will her foreign policy be held HOSTAGE over threats from foreign governments to release her emails which they surely must have? Has Hillary ALREADY done things for foreign governments she might not otherwise have done, and harmful to U.S. foreign policy due to being blackmailed by enemies such as Iran, Russia or North Korea over her emails?

Therefore, Hillary should be PROHIBITED from taking any public office due to the probability enemy foreign gov’ts had probably HACKED HER SERVER LONG AGO thereby making her a likely target for blackmail, bribery and extortion over her classified email server contents.

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