Obama’s Anti-West Iranian Deal Is the Finish Line

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Barack Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s anti-West policies have reached their culmination in an Iranian deal that will give imperialistic terrorists in the Middle East hitherto unfathomable control. Iran is in an evil alliance with Russia and indirectly China and more directly North Korea as well as Cuba and other terrorist states. North Korea is threatening to destroy the United States with weapons that are unknown to us. They are likely referring to something along the lines of an EMP attack.

Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz has been a powerful critic of the Iran deal as he has campaigned through the Southwest..

News 9 reporter Justin Dougherty from Oklahoma pointed to Cruz’s past statements about listening to military leaders and their advice.

“Several times you have mentioned that in international crisis you would seek the advice of military personnel. Now recently there were three dozen former generals and admirals who would say this Iran deal is our only option to keep nuclear weapons. Are you going to listen to that letter at all?” Dougherty asked.

Cruz laughed and then replied.

“I don’t know the letter to which you are referring, but I can tell you this Iranian nuclear deal is catastrophic,” Cruz said.

“The single greatest national security threat facing America is the threat of a nuclear Iran. If this deal goes through, three things will happen. Number one, the Obama Administration will be world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism. Billions of dollars will flow to jihadists who will use that money to try and murder Americans. Number two, this deal leaves four American hostages languishing in Iran including Pastor Saeed Abedini an American citizen sentenced to 8 years in prison for preaching the Gospel. But number three, most dangerously, this deal only accelerates Iran’s acquiring a nuclear weapon,” Cruz said.

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The Obama Administration’s anti-West agenda has destabilized the Middle East and with this deal, the administration will make Iran into a wealthy, prosperous sponsor of terror with hegemony in the region.

He supported the Muslim Brotherhood revolutionaries beginning with the deposing of Mubarak in Egypt.

The riots spread to Tunisia, Libya, Syria and they still rage in places like Yemen. Both North Africa and the Middle East have been consumed by those who will inflict the severest of laws, Sharia.

Mr. Obama knew this all along and feigned ignorance or let the media propagate the lie that it was a conspiracy theory.

There were never any moderate revolutionaries, at least none we supported.

It spurred the annihilation of Christians.


Christians have been decimated and the genocide continues unabated. At first, papers like the New York Times said there was no genocide and more Muslims are being killed. Now they simply remain silent.

His illegal war against Gaddafi began over a thoughtless comment that Gaddafi never acted on. The comment? To destroy the radical jihadists in Benghazi. We now know who these people are but we were told they were innocent women and children.

It was Hillary Clinton who lied to America and claimed that Gaddafi was planning mass killings of mere protesters. She had claimed Qaddafi was planning to commit acts of genocide aimed at liquidating his regime’s detractors. But intelligence operatives “had come to the opposite conclusion: that [Qaddafi] would not risk world outrage by killing civilians en masse even as he tried to crush the rebellion in his country.”

In March 2011, after the passage of U.N. Resolution 1973, Obama said that “broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake,” but the following month he declared that the “bombing continues until Gaddafi goes.”

The Washington Times reported that Libyan officials were worried back in 2011 that weapons were being directed to NATO-supported rebels with ties to al-Qaeda.

“The reports included a 16-page list of weapons that Libyans supposedly tracked to the rebels from Western sources or their allies in the region,” according to the newspaper. “The memos were corroborated by a U.S. intelligence asset familiar with the documents as well as former top [Qaddafi] regime official Mohammed Ismael.”

“NATO has given permission to a number of weapons-loaded aircraft to land at Benghazi airport and some Tunisian airports,” the intelligence report stated. Libyan officials said they were worried that the weapons and training provided to the anti-Qaddafi rebels would spread in the region and find their way to Benghazi, Libya’s second-largest city.

Benghazi was attacked a year later and Gaddafi’s arsenal is mostly in the hands of jihadists.

Barack Obama trained the Muslim Brotherhood in the region.


Libya in the hands of ISIS

Gaddafi was willing to leave Libya and war could have been averted but the Obama-Clinton administration refused.

Under Obama and Clinton, the Middle East and North Africa have become a raging fire with ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups committing untold atrocities. That wasn’t enough for the administration, they also have to unleash Iran.

Governments that were once stable and leaning West – Tunisia and Algeria – are now disintegrating. Libya was a criminal venture by this president and his handmaiden Hillary. It went from stable to a failed state under their watch. For a time, he installed a puppet government but refused to help them with training so they could ward off the radical Muslim Brotherhood. The country is currently awash in ISIS war criminals.

When countries like Egypt, Jordan and allies like the Kurds asked for our help we refused. We helped the Turks kill Kurds instead and we allowed Syria to cross the red lines.

Human traffickers both in the United States and along the Mediterranean are flourishing and Europe is awash with millions of refugees, some of whom are terrorists.

Obama and Clinton are responsible for this and under their leadership, the world fights for survival in the most ineffective ways. The president who has pitted Americans against each other has also buried the world in anti-Western hate and chaos.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Anti-West Iranian Deal Is the Finish Line

  1. The Military Advisors were appointed by Obumma- Obumma Flunkies. I wouldn’t take there advise on how to get out of a wet paper bag- much less this situation. If this deal goes through it will literally give Obumma the means to declare either Martial Law OR a State of Emergency. Either way we all know what that means for this country

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