Leftist Outfits Confirm: Majority of Illegal Immigrants Are Felons


Pro-amnesty progressives like Bleb Bush accuse Donald Trump of being “divisive” for associating illegal immigration with crime. The same stone could be thrown at fellow moonbats:

Did Donald Trump overstate the level of crime committed by illegal immigrants? Not according to the ACLU, the National Council of La Raza, the New York Times, and the Social Security Administration (SSA).

According to these organizations, as many as 75 percent of illegal immigrants use unlawfully obtained Social Security numbers to pay payroll (Social Security) taxes. That, in turn, means that the vast majority of illegal immigrants are committing multiple federal and state felonies including forgery, Social Security fraud, perjury on I-9 forms, and identity theft.

It also means that potentially millions of Americans, including an untold number of innocent children, are victims of identity theft when their Social Security numbers are used by illegal immigrants. Of course, the ACLU, La Raza, the New York Times, and the SSA conveniently overlook that connection and they are never challenged by the media or politicians.

As liberals love to bleat, what about the children?

If Trump really wanted to put Bush and other Republican candidates, the national media, Latino groups, Macy’s, Univision, NASCAR, and Serta on the spot, he would surround himself with innocent children who are victims of illegal-immigrant identity theft and then ask those attacking him the following question: “Will you join me in standing up for these innocent children or are you going to continue to stand with the illegal immigrants who are destroying their lives?”

Rampant identity theft comes in addition to the epidemic of violent crime illegal aliens have been committing throughout the country.

We aren’t getting the cream of the Third World’s crop.

One thought on “Leftist Outfits Confirm: Majority of Illegal Immigrants Are Felons

  1. I have no issue with Immigration- IF it’s done Legally. They are called illegal immigrants for a reason- they’ve come into the country illegally. AND THEY DID IT KNOWING WHAT THEY WERE DOING! THEY KNEW IT WAS WRONG- ILLEGAL.If they have done that illegally what else have they done illegally? How can you trust a single word or action coming from them? And don’t give the bulls**t line of “It had to be done to survive”! If the Immigration system is broken- then fix it! Simple. Get rid of the “Career Politicians” and put someone in that will fix it. Opening the flood gates WITHOUT a way to control and monitor IS STUPID- IRRESPONSIBLE- BRAINDEAD- and at this point, with all that has and is happening, MORE THAN LIKELY DELIBERATE! There’s no way a sane person would allow these new regulations. There are only 2 possibilities- a major, Anti-American, forcibly instigated, treasonous action of at least 1 man- possibly a group of people- or 2-Massive, MASSIVE DAIN BRAMAGE! Either way it’s up to us-the American People- to change it. Obumma, Hellary, and all who have worked with and for them must be gone. Through the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and The Bill of Rights we have the Authority- the ability- and the right to change it. All we have to do is brush up on our history, organize (As the others have been doing for quite some time now) , and handle it. Or would you rather sit back and watch & listen while a pile of trash runs our country- OUR COUNTRY- THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- run it into and under the ground? It’s your choice.

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