URGENT: Obama Defies Federal Judge, Issues Bombshell Executive Order to Destroy America


Conservative Tribune

President Barack Obama may have hammered the final nail into the American coffin when news broke that his administration was set to issue an illegal immigration policy order that would place American citizens in even more danger than they already are.

Obama’s new executive order will minimize deportations of illegal aliens to its lowest number since he took office in 2008, but it claims to refocus the immigration department on deporting aliens who have criminal histories.

In other words, his immigration policies are so monumentally bungled that his federal agencies can only focus on a single aspect of the illegal alien problem that currently plagues the United States.

The order would extend the policies of a “sanctuary city” like San Francisco to affect the entire country, making it nearly impossible for law enforcement to deport illegal aliens for a majority of crimes.

The changes came down the pipe after a report was published by the liberal, Washington-based think tank, Migration Policy Institute. The report indicated that the new policy would give some form of sanctuary protection to a staggering 87 percent of illegal aliens inside the United States.

That’s up from 74 percent from Obama’s previous policy.

Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, said the policy would “substantially transform the U.S. deportation system” and additionally, “enhance efforts to bolster public safety” (H/T Breitbart).

We’re scratching our heads in an attempt to figure out how allowing thousands of additional illegal aliens to stay in the United States would “bolster public safety” when federal agencies can’t even keep up with the current number of illegals.

These policies are why presidential candidates who take a hardline stance on immigration and border security, like Donald Trump, are soaring in the polls. Americans are worried about the future of the country while Obama lets tens of thousands of illegal aliens have free reign once they cross the border.

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