Gun Grabbers Ignore Terrorism in Chattanooga, Go For Guns Instead

Independent Sentinel

The terrorist attack in Chattanooga which ended in the deaths of five Marines and Sailors had nothing to do with guns and everything to do with an ideology. Despite this, the media is searching for a motive, the terrorist’s parents are claiming he killed soldiers because he was depressed, and Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown is spending in the six-figures to buy ads promoting more gun control.

It’s like living in an alternative universe.

Military personnel were banned from carrying weapons in military installations before we had terror attacks. That directive is no longer appropriate if it was ever appropriate and it needs to be changed, but the Pentagon, the head of the US Northern Command specifically, issued a directive Monday stating that recruiters cannot carry weapons at the centers but he wants them to implement new security measures like “closing the blinds at the office.”

Are they bulletproof blinds? That will be as effective as the gun-free zone sign on the recruiting office where our soldiers died.


Military personnel should be treated like the police and they must be allowed to carry guns, but not according to gun grabbers who want everyone’s guns.

Michael Bloomberg, the former nanny mayor of New York City, thinks the answer to terrorism is to keep guns out of the hands of legal gun owners.

Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez liked to shoot guns and legally owned some of the four guns he had with him. He passed the background checks for some of the guns and the others might have been illegal.

Nothing Bloomberg wants to do would have kept Abdulazeez from guns. He wanted to commit an act of terror and if he didn’t have guns, he would have gotten illegal guns or made a bomb.

“As the details continue to unfold in Tennessee, it is already clear that this is another reminder of the work that needs to be done to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people,” the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, a nationwide organization calling for stricter gun control measures, said in a statement shortly after the shooting. “We owe it to the men and women at our military installations, our communities and the 89 people killed every day by guns to take action now,” the statement read.

They pump this distorted and blatantly false information into the public sphere on a regular basis.

The killings took place in a gun-free zone. If the military had guns, some might have survived. They can’t survive unarmed when a terrorist comes after them with an AK-47.

Even in the case of Dylann Roof, the gun grabbers don’t want to believe that the FBI made mistakes even though the Director James Comey said two mistakes were made that allowed Roof to buy guns. Unbelievably, the gun grabbers are blaming it on a “loophole” that Congress needs to address.

On that false premise, Rep. Jim Clyburn introduced a bill that in those cases in which the FBI extends an instant background check to three business days, the storekeep would not be allowed to sell the gun indefinitely if the records search is inconclusive. That would not have prevented Roof from getting a gun nor would it have prevented Abdulazeez from getting a gun.

The onus would be on the purchaser who would have to prove s/he has a right to own a gun.

There is no logic to anything these people say or do.

The government gun grabbers are trying very hard to make our Second Amendment a right given to us by the government as opposed to an inherent right.

The Second Amendment as an inherent right and must not be changed. If we lose one Amendment, they all go.

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