The President is ‘The Other’



For those who drank the hope and change Kool-Aid, here’s some bad news: the ‘fundamental transformation of America’ is in full swing and as they used to say in show biz, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

That’s because the last 18 months of this corrupt narcissist’s rule will make the first six-and-a-half years look like a high school civics lesson in good governance. I have always found it ironic that the son of a Kenyan Muslim Marxist and disaffected white liberal woman should grow up to become President of the United States. What’s more, the way in which he arrived at the presidency is shall we say, unusual.

Here’s a guy who was elected on the basis of being a good-looking black man who could speak well. We’ve never read anything that he wrote during his law school years, don’t know what his grades were, in fact, that entire chapter of his life is securely under seal. Why would that be?

And for those of us who believed that Constitutional Government entailed a series of checks and balances between the three branches of government, the Obama years have permanently disabused us of that notion.

Considering the shenanigans that brought about some of Obama’s ‘signature’ legislative achievements, there are Third World dictatorships with more transparent government than what’s the norm in America today. Think about the misnamed Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, better known as ‘ObamaCare’ and how it was passed in the dead of night with no one having read its contents and with some of the crucial votes for passage having to be purchased through shady deals. Years later came the biting revelations by Jonathan Gruber, one of the Act’s authors that basically called voters ‘stupid’ for having accepted passage.

Then there is the use of the IRS to punish the enemies of the President. I recall a slight whiff of this from the Nixon White House when the impeachment knives began to be sharpened. Yet Obama uses this sinister and powerful agency to steal elections with impunity.

How about spying on reporters? One would believe that in a well-functioning democracy the government would take a dim view of tapping reporters’ phones and hacking their computers. Certainly Fox News’ James Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson, formerly of CBS were outraged to learn that the NSA had been spying on them on instructions from Eric Holder’s Justice Department.

Benghazi fiasco and the Mobius Loop of lies and deceptions

Think about the Benghazi fiasco and the Mobius Loop of lies and deceptions that have failed to this day to explain why four Americans had to die. And why was it necessary for the US Government to ensure that Muammar Gaddafi be deposed and murdered in the first place, when he actually presented a force of stability in a very volatile region?

And, speaking of a volatile region, would anyone ever have thought that an American president would negotiate a nuclear arms deal with a country that had pledged to wipe Israel off the map? It’s more than an outrage. This is aiding and abetting one of America’s bitterest enemies to attain the capacity to annihilate one of America’s oldest friends.

Truly what has transpired to date is as unprecedented as it is outrageous. But I believe it’s nothing compared with what’s to come.

We’ve just learned that under Obama an additional 2.5 million ILLEGAL immigrants have entered the United States and more are actually encouraged to do so. Additionally the only thing keeping the Obama administration from totally opening the southern border is a brave federal judge named Andrew Hanen, who has issued an injunction against Obama’s executive orders to grant amnesty for scores of thousands of illegals living in the US. Of course the main purpose for attempting this bit of transformation is to shore up votes for Democrats.

Last week Obama visited a federal prison in Oklahoma, being the first sitting American president to do so. Certainly his intentions for visiting were clearly signaled when he commuted the sentences of 46 felons prior to doing so. It’s a clear signal that Obama further wants to “transform” America, much in the same way Castro did by opening Cuba’s prison doors and sending the inmates to America, a la the Mariel boatlift of 1980.

Under the Constitution, Obama certainly has the power to commute or pardon prisoners and the only question now is, how many are going to be let out of jail before January 20, 2017?

However, more importantly, he also wants to grant voting rights to prisoners, a right that has long been suspended for felons on the basis that if one is convicted of a felony, one loses the many rights enjoyed by non-felonious citizens. If he somehow manages to achieve this bit of legerdemain, then there’s little reason to believe that there will ever be a Republican administration in Washington.

His actions now are designed to provoke the Republican controlled Congress into launching impeachment proceedings

There will be other Obama initiatives, many of which will result in the loss of employment of tens of thousands of workers in resource industries like coal and oil. He will attempt to use the EPA much in the same way that ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier used the Ton Ton Macoute in Haiti to keep opponents in check.

I believe that a lot of his actions now are designed to provoke the Republican controlled Congress into launching impeachment proceedings. However, the lack of stomach in those parts for doing so will only encourage Obama to head further afield into the outer reach of what most Americans would consider ‘mainstream.’

Most of Obama’s actions have been designed to turn America into a one-party state, much like the People’s Republic of China or Cuba or even Iran. I have long suspected that there’s more than meets the eye to America’s first black president. As I wrote in these pages in October of 2008 “Call me paranoid, but suppose there is a vast left-wing conspiracy to take over the United States, there wouldn’t be a better time to do it than now and it seems that there’s no better candidate to do it than Barack Obama.”

I’m afraid my suspicions back then were more than well founded.

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