Illegal Immigrants’ War on Americans

Photo via US Daily Review

Photo via US Daily Review

Family Security Matters

Let’s establish a metaphor right at the beginning between parasitical bagworms and parasitical Leftists/Liberals. Both species are destructive. The metaphor will have a bearing on the subject.

If you poke through a bagworm nest with a twig, you’ll find countless striped, furry worms or caterpillars eating away the bark and meat of a tree branch, thus killing the tree. If you poke through the mind of a Leftist/Liberal, you’ll find countless fuzzy worms ravenously eating away at the fabric of America, thus killing the country: gay marriage, Obamacare, the Clintons, Bernie Sanders, Marxist academics, jihadist imams, ambipolitical corporations, and so on. And some dead bagworms, like Ted Kennedy.

If you step on a bagworm, it will spurt pink goo on the sole of your shoe. If you examine the mind of a Leftist/Liberal, it will spurt pink goo all over you in revenge for exposing the malignity of his agenda.

Barack Obama is waging another war in his role as the Supreme Social Justice Warrior and Community Organizer-in-Chief, not in Libya, not in Iraq, not in Syria, but in and against America. He is doing this – aside from his destructive economic and political policies – with illegals who are swarming unchecked and at his invitation across the Mexican border by the thousands to “settle” in the U.S., not to become productive citizens, but to feed on the government welfare state teat – that is on the American taxpayer. The criminals among them have declared open season on principally white Americans.

He is also doing it by admitting thousands of “refugee” Muslims. He is settling the Mexicans (a blanket name for any Central or South American crossing into the U.S. from Mexico) and Muslims, particularly Somalian Muslims, in dozens of towns and cities across the country with the stated policy of changing their demographic compositions. And also, not coincidentally,  their political demographics, to help perpetuate the Democrats’ death grip on America.

Is it “racist” to make that observation? In Liberal/Left politics and the MSM, yes. Look what happened to Donald Trump for making the observation. He didn’t even insinuate the issue of race in his statement. But he was blasted anyway. I neither trust nor like Trump, either, but he was right in his gauche way to make the observation.

However, there’s no evidence to the contrary that illegals are motivated by their own brand of racism. Obama has empowered them. His own racial prejudice is obvious. Has he declared a race war against the U.S. The evidence is clear.

Never mind Britain’s Muslim groom-and-rape gangs that prey mostly on white girls. Never mind the Muslim rape and other crime statistics in Scandinavia, Germany and France, or the soon-to- spike Muslim crime rate in Italy committed by “refugee boat people” crossing the Mediterranean Sea from North Africa to invade Europe. Never mind the black-on-white crimes committed in the U.S., which are clearly racist but which are not reported by the MSM.

Whose policies are racist to the core: Obama’s, or the average American’s, regardless of his skin color or ethnic background? When illegal Hispanic criminals target a white person for a crime, who’s the racist?

Barack Obama expressed his “sympathy” for the family of Trayvon Martin, the young thug killled in self-defense by George Zimmerman, who was originally identified as “white,” but later was revealed to be partly Hispanic (the MSM back-pedaled on that very quickly). But he’s had nothing to say about the murder of Kathryn Steinle. He’s commiserated with the rioters of Ferguson and with the family of Michael Brown, another thug. Fox News host Megyn Kelly held Obama’s feet to the fire over his hypocrisy and obvious racial preferences.

The Fox News host asked  her guests why Mr. Obama highlighted the deaths of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Trayvon Martin in Florida and Michael Brown in Missouri, but not Steinle. The man accused of killing Steinle has seven prior felony convictions and was deported five times.

Obama was notorious for saying that if he had a son, he would “look like” Trayvon Martin. In case no one’s noticed, Obama is a grown-up Trayvon Martin, a thug who got elected by a bagworm nest of rich and poor collectivists who wish to bring down America. Kathryn Steinle does not resemble spendthrift Michelle Obama or either of the Obama daughters. Kathryn Steinle was an expendable white victim on the road to collectivist racial utopia, not worth mentioning.

Family Security Matters published an article, “Trump is Right: Illegal Alien Crime is Staggering in Scope and Savageryon July 10th, which provides 115 links to a partial list of all the crimes committed by illegal immigrants, most of them committed before the Obama regime assumed its executive order throne.

It is estimated that there are some 133,741 foreign criminals in prisons and jails in the USA (1).  They are not there for spitting on the sidewalk or jaywalking, and very few are there for immigration violations, as those illegal alien criminals are typically deported in fairly short order or simply let go as we have seen time and time again. They are there in large part for molesting, raping, killing, maiming and murdering people in America, as you will see below.

Add in the 168,680 convicted criminal immigrants who have final orders of removal but who remain at large in the U.S., and another 179,018 convicted criminal aliens with deportation cases pending but who are also at large (2), and we have a total non-American felon population of 481,439…a number the size of our 35th largest city, Sacramento, California, and larger than the entire populations each of Atlanta, Kansas City, Omaha, Miami, Minneapolis – and more….

That doesn’t even include all the other criminal aliens that the government desperately tries to hide from the public even though they must announce it: according to Jessica M. Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, the 36,007 criminal immigrants that the Obama administration released in 2013 to prowl the streets of America even though they had a collective 88,000 convictions, including 193 homicides, 426 sexual assaults, 303 kidnappings and 1,075 aggravated assaults. And that was just one year’s worth of criminal illegal aliens let go to continue to prey on the citizens of the USA.

Remember those movies that depicted a prison ruled by the inmates, or an insane asylum governed by the insane, or a prison run by the corrupt warden and his staff of goons (e.g., The Shawshank Redemption)? That’s what the U.S. is becoming, a minimal security prison in which the security of Americans is minimal against the Mexicans and Muslims who are provided with maximum security for their “rights,” whether or not  they are labeled “undocumented aliens,” “undocumented immigrants,” “refugees,” or whatever other designation for the lawless is in the federal taxonomy.

The murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco last week has spurred a national debate not only on the Obama-engineered invasion of this country by countless illegals, but has revealed in detail the policy of having established “sanctuary cities” in which “undocumented aliens” or illegals – criminal or otherwise – can live without being “persecuted” by immigration authorities and sent back to the cultural and economic latrines whence they came at Obama’s beck and call. Michael Cutler, a retired 30-year INS veteran and former Senior Special Agent, on July 10th published on FSM a lengthy but crucial exposé, “Many More Victims of the Immigration Crisis Than Kate Steinle: Traitorous ‘sanctuary’ cities are only the tip of the iceberg.”  Cutler writes:

While the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary in part, describes a sanctuary as, “a refuge for wildlife where predators are controlled and hunting is illegal” in so-called “Sanctuary Cities” such as San Francisco, predators are being granted sanctuary and innocent people are being hunted. Witness the senseless murder of Kathryn Steinle who fell victim to a predatory criminal alien, Francisco Sanchez, who easily entered the United States by running our borders with impunity on at least five occasions notwithstanding the fact that he has reportedly been convicted of committing seven felonies in the United States and yet was shielded by San Francisco’s sanctuary policies….

Illegal aliens come to the United States for reasons only known to them. There is no way of knowing if they are simply seeking illegal employment, which, of itself creates problems, or if they are criminals — fugitives who are fleeing prosecution in their home countries for committing serious crimes, including murder, rape and drug trafficking. We don’t know their true identities, their potential affiliation with criminal or terrorist organizations or when, where or how they actually entered the United States.

The purpose of the inspections process that CBP conducts at ports of entry is to prevent the entry of aliens whose presence would be dangerous or at the least harmful to America and Americans. This is the process that aliens enter the United States without inspection evade. Yet our leaders and most journalists refer to them simply as being “undocumented” as though handing them a piece of paper or perhaps an official identity document solves the problem.

Illegal aliens who run our borders do not stay near the border for long. Most of them are intent on getting to towns and cities across the United States. They are most likely to go to towns and cities where they can most easily escape detection by law enforcement and especially immigration enforcement officers. Therefore, they move into ethnic immigrant communities to live among those who are most like themselves where they are far less likely to stand out among a population they share much with.

The “sanctuary city” program is a racket run by the federal government and gamed by illegals for the purpose of achieving Obama’s goal of “transforming” the U.S. into a European-style non-melting pot of conflicting and antagonistic cultures. The Mexican government is also a partner in the racket, Cutler reveals. Shockingly, he also reveals that about ten percent of Mexico’s citizens live in the U.S.

Trump stated that “Mexico does not send us their best.” It is not the job of governments to send their citizens anywhere. Nevertheless, Mexico is obviously exploiting their citizens, encouraging them to come to the United States and work and send money home. In fact, this money that is wired back to Mexico by their citizens amounts to well over $20 billion annually and represents one of the greatest sources of income for the Mexican economy. It is estimated that nearly 10% of all Mexicans now live in the United States.

Breitbart reveals the “hands across the border” alliance of Obama and the Mexican government in its January 6th article, “Mexican President: Obama Exec Amnesty ‘Act of Justice’ for Illegals.”

On Tuesday, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto hailed President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty as an “act of justice” and vowed that the Mexican government would help illegal immigrants from Mexico obtain documents like birth certificates without having to travel to Mexico. Pena Nieto and Obama met at the White House and, according to the White House, Pena Nieto said Obama’s executive amnesty was a “very intelligent and audacious decision” and “is of course an act of justice for people who arrive from other parts of the world but are now part of the U.S. community.”

After acknowledging that “a very big majority of Mexican citizens” will benefit from Obama’s executive amnesty, Pena Nieto said the Mexican government will help Mexicans living in the United States get the documentation “necessary to prove that they have been in the United States before 2010.” Pena Nieto said illegal immigrants from Mexico will even “be able to get their birth certificates without having to go to Mexico.”

Well, Obama’s executive amnesty is also a fortuitous way for the Mexican government to rid itself of its “excess,” impoverished, and unemployed population, as well. Guess who pays the price for that racist reproachment? U.S. taxpayers and unemployed American whites, blacks and Asians.

Let’s not forget the other capital M in Obama’s M&M bag of transformative goodies: Muslims.

Bare Naked Islam, the most outspoken and audacious site that covers the “demographic jihad” against America fostered by Barack Obama, notes in a December 4th column: “Barack Hussein Obama’s Stealth Muslim Immigration Jihad: 

Back in 2010, Obama issued an executive order to expedite immigrant visa requests from Islamic countries.  A person from a Muslim country could become a U.S. citizen in as little as ten weeks, with no I.D. and no declaration of allegiance to the U.S. Constitution…. 

Obama’s Immigration Bill and his ensuing amnesty are not mainly about the 13 million or so illegal Latinos in this country but it is the back door entrance for over one hundred million Muslims to be brought to the US by 2018 -and, by some indications, such numbers could be as high as 150 million.   Naturally, their presence would imply an intrinsic establishment of sharia law as the law of the American nation.

The mainstream media is quietly avoiding to mention that Obama’s amnesty plan specifically speeds up the visa process for immigrants from Muslim countries (Sections 2317 & 2318 of the amnesty bill, S. 744) and also grants special status – just as Obamacare did. For example, they have sneaked in a small section of the bill that more than triples the number of Afghans eligible for immigration to the U.S. under a special asylum program. 

The D.C. Clothesline also reports in its November 17th 2014 article, “Here’s why Somali Muslim Refugees are moving to Cheyenne, Wyoming, Prepare to be shockedby Atlas Shrugs’ Pamela Geller:

Refugee resettlement is a euphemism for importing whole Muslim communities, importing jihad. I have long documented the targeting of gateway cities (smaller cities) overwhelmed with Muslim refugee immigration from countries like Somalia – cities like Emporia, Kansas, Nashville, Greeley and Fort Morgan, Colorado, Lewiston, Maine et al. The over-saturation and drain on city resources has driven these immigrants northward to settle in Wyoming, according to these reports.

Organizations like Lutheran Family Services profit enormously from the Federal government handling these refugees.

The best name for this particular racket is “crony charity,” wherein a sob-sister outfit gets federal money to help the government swamp the country with aliens who will refuse to assimilate and demand that non-Muslim Americans submit to Sharia, fast on Ramadan, and defer to the religious practices of Islam.

Western Journalism ran an article in February 2015 on Obama’s tranformation plans for the U.S., “Muslim Immigration To U.S. Staggering – More Evidence Obama Is Attempting To Change America.” It cited an Investors Business Daily report on Muslim immigration:

It seems there is more evidence coming to light that President Obama and Valerie Jarrett are attempting to change the very fabric of America through a massive wave of Muslim immigration. Investors Business Daily released a report recently that outlined the staggering numbers of Muslim immigrants already in-country, and the even greater numbers that are expected over the next few years due to the Obama administration’s policies. The national security implications were also highlighted.

Between 2010 and 2013, the Obama administration imported almost 300,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations – more immigrants than the U.S. let in from Central America and Mexico combined over that period… Many of the recent Muslim immigrants are from terrorist hot spots like Iraq, where the Islamic State operates. From 2010-2013, Obama ushered in 41,094 Iraqi nationals from there… House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul called the new policy “a federally sanctioned welcome party to potential terrorists.”

Europe has had open doors to Muslims from the Middle East for years and is paying the price. Routine terrorist attacks from homegrown jihadis are a regular occurrence. “No Go Zones” are a reality in many European capitals. Sharia law is flourishing. Why would this administration encourage this type of immigration?

The British press is reporting that IS has threatened to release a huge wave of migrants from Libya across the Mediterranean disguised as refugees to cause chaos in Europe. Who’s to say they aren’t setting a similar immigration bomb for America?

Authorities can’t even get a handle on homegrown IS jihadists who are already in America. Why would we risk adding so many potential jihadists from abroad to the already overloaded terrorist threat matrix?

The answer is one we all fear-that this president and his administration are attempting to radically alter the population of America and change the very fabric of our society to match their agenda and view of the world. That is a world where America is weak, saddled with terrorist attacks at home, and no longer to threaten the establishment of a Muslim caliphate across the Middle East.

In the meantime, the Washington Post’s October 1st, 2014 article, “African immigrant population doubling each decade; D.C. area among group’s top destinations,reported with apparent approval of the federally sponsored invasion:

The Washington Post reported that immigration from Africa is a contributing factor to the increased Muslim immigrant population: “The number of African-born residents in the United States has doubled every decade since the 1970s, with the greater Washington region remaining among the most popular areas for them to live, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Wednesday.”

The large number of Muslim immigrants has already impacted public schools and communities throughout America. Due to the large number of immigrants from the Middle East, the Department of Justice required a school in Michigan accommodate the growing Arab immigrant student population by hiring more Arab teachers. [but not English teachers?]

Minnesota, like Michigan, has also had to accommodate the growing Muslim population within its community.

Somali refugees in Minnesota demanded the local government provide a special food zone free of pork to comply with their faith. In fact, Somali use of the state’s public food assistance program has doubled over the past five years. 

All this is very good news to Obama and his team of “transformers.”

Step on their brains and it isn’t so much pink goo that spurts out, but the blood of Americans as they are subjected to Obama’s special bag of “M&M’s”: Muslims and Mexicans who will swear allegiance to anything but America.

Is Obama a racist?

A resounding Yes!

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