Tony Rezko Released From Prison – AP ‘Forgets’ to Mention He’s Linked to Obama

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In 2008 the RNC released the web video titled “Lapse in Judgement”.
The ad revealed Barack Obama’s dealings with convicted felon and close family friend Tony Rezko.

The ad detailed Obama’s relationship with the Chicago crook.
Fortunately for Obama, the liberal media refused to do its job and protected Obama from any honest attacks during the campaign.

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In 2011 Tony Rezko was sentenced to 10.5 years in prison for a kickback scheme that involved the Teacher’s union.
Tony Rezko Released From Prison – AP ‘Forgets’ to Mention He’s Linked to Obama.

In 2011 Tony Rezko was sentenced to 10.5 years in prison for a kickback scheme that involved the Teacher’s union.

On Tuesday Tony Rezko was released from prison and transferred to a halfway house.
The AP “forgot” to mention that he was connected to Barack Obama.

Antoin “Tony” Rezko was convicted in 2008 of fraud, money laundering and plotting to squeeze more than $7 million from companies seeking to do state business during Blagojevich’s tenure. Rezko was sentenced to 10 1/2 years in prison. He was also serving time for fraud over the bogus sale of his pizza restaurants.

U.S. Bureau of Prisons Ed Ross says Rezko was furloughed Tuesday from the Federal Correctional Center in Pekin to a halfway house outside Chicago.

Rezko attorney Joe Duffy told the Chicago Tribune the Bureau of Prisons concluded Rezko had been a model prisoner and released him “so he can start transitioning back into society.”
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RGA launches first TV ad linking Conway to Obama

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The Republican Governor’s Association is launching its first ad of the gubernatorial campaign seeking to tie Democratic candidate Jack Conway to President Barack Obama.

The ad titled: “Vague” is running statewide in what the RGA is calling a significant ad buy across broadcast and cable networks.

In the spot the RGA follows a similar track that has been used against Conway in past Elections. The group attempts to tie Conway to Obama saying the two Democrats are similar in their “vague promises.

The RGA ad specifically targets Conway over cap and trade. Cap-and-trade is essentially putting a limit on greenhouse gas emissions and letting producers trade credits to meet standards, a global warming reduction measure pushed by Obama.

The RGA argument stems back to Conway’s 2010 run for U.S. Senate against Rand Paul, when the GOP assaulted Conway for flip-flopping on the issue.

Several stories from 2009, including one from the Paducah Sun, said Conway did favor the reduction measure, though his campaign contended the story was wrong in 2010 when asked by the Lexington Herald-Leader.

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Florida: Marion County Commission Restores The Flying Of The Confederate Flag…

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The people spoke and the Commission listened.

Via Ocala Star Banner:

The Marion County Commission on Tuesday unanimously agreed to restore the Confederate flag that had been removed from the McPherson Governmental Complex two weeks ago.

Several members of the public spoke in favor of restoring the flag during the commission’s bi-monthly meeting on Tuesday morning. At the end of the meeting, the commission unanimously agreed to restore the flag. It will also create a historical display so that people can understand the significance of the Confederate flag as well as the other flags flying in front of the complex.

The Confederate flag was removed in the wake of the June 17 killing of African-American churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina. The accused killer had expressed racist beliefs and had been pictured waving the Confederate flag.

Towns throughout the South removed the flag.

Interim County Administrator Bill Kauffman decided to remove the flag because of the “perceived connotations of displaying the flag at governmental agencies,” said Marion County spokeswoman Barbra Hernandez.

At the same time, the county is “respectful of history,” Hernandez explained. On that note, many people throughout the County voiced concern over removing the flag.

“What I realized is that we have not done justice to the historical display,” commission Chairman Stan McClain said at Tuesday’s meeting. “I’m sure most folks are in favor of educating the community.”

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DC Residents Say Washington Needs To Change Name To ‘Black City

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CNN’s Don Lemon recently suggested that our nation’s capitol ought to “reconsider” the Jefferson Memorial, considering the fact that Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner.

Now, a video produced by Nicholas Ballasy shows that some Washington, D.C. residents — in the wake of the shooting at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston and the racial debate it sparked — thinks our nation shouldn’t stop at the Jefferson, but go so far as redesigning the American flag and changing the name of our country’s capitol to “Black City.”

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