Tyranny Just Keeps Coming

Independent Sentinel

Taxation without representation is tyranny and Americans no longer seem to care.

Our forebears fought for freedom from England because of the excessive taxation by King George III who saw the colonists as easy pickings to pay off his war debt. How ironic that we now allow unelected bureaucrats to rewrite laws to increase taxes because we are having fun or driving to work.

We allow taxes on “amusement” as if it were an unsustainable sin and we are going to soon be tracked and taxed by the mile in our cars with no regard for our privacy rights.

Unelected bureaucrats in Chicago’s finance department ruled last month, amending that their established amusement tax will include “electronically delivered amusements.” That includes streaming music, movies and television. It also includes online gaming.

City residents will pay an extra 9% tax to use services such as Netflix and Spotify.

They are only one of two dozen states that now charge for amusement and it wasn’t approved by the electorate, they just expanded a tax they have.

In liberal state after liberal state, they will tax anything.

An amusement tax is broad and ill-defined.

We have to pay to be amused so politicians can buy constituents’ favor and get re-elected each year.

Then there is the new pay-by-the-mile gasoline tax in Oregon that will serve as a temporary cure for a bankrupt Highway Fund.

Oregon is the first state to make OReGO mandatory. OReGO is the first pay-by-the-mile track and tax program in the U.S.. Oregonians want to pay the tax because they want to do their fair share and encourage sustainable driving. They are the authors of their own demise and they do so with a giddy appreciation of statism.

Like Joe Biden, they think being enslaved to Big Government is patriotism.

A device will be installed in cars that allows the government to track everyone over every mile they travel. That’s not conspiracy, it’s just fact.

OReGO is reportedly very expensive just to run.

Unelected bureaucrats in Oregon’s DOT say this is “a fair and sustainable way to fund road maintenance, preservation and improvements for all Oregonians.” Fair, sustainable and hardly freedom.

Look at one of the insulting videos OReGO supplies. People who think this is okay must be awfully stupid.

Once people give away this freedom in one state, the dominoes will begin to fall, that’s fact too.

The highway fund is in trouble but it’s partly, perhaps mostly, the fault of big government acting as a corrupt and unnecessary intermediary between the individual and the states and them.

Up until now, the program was voluntary. The ODOT always intended to make it mandatory to allegedly pay for the road repairs FOREVER!

Road fees and gasoline taxes were supposed to do that. The federal government taking charge was supposed to do that.

When the federal government took control, we were told that the federal highway system would be “free.” Now they want to correct the “myth” that we stupidly thought federal highways were “free”.

States often use the gas tax meant for the roads to pay for education, Medicaid, debt service, and other non-highway uses. The same will happen to this tax. Everything ends up in the general fund eventually.

Governor Brown is ready to increase taxes to repair roads and bridges, including adding higher taxes on commercial property taxes, cigarettes, and even real estate transactions.

Weren’t we promised that the Stimulus would be for shovel ready jobs such as repair of roads and bridges? It’s all a big joke for big government.


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