We Need to Become America Again


Independent Steninel

by John Velisek
USN (Ret.)
Twitter; sjspecialist

The American people, the working people of this country the 9-5ers with a wife and kid, are scared. Business owners just scraping by are demonized by the administration for being too rich, and not paying the workers enough. The economy is in the ditch, and out administration keeps telling us everything is fine.

The administration is unique in that it is the first in American History. We have an administration that dismisses our culture, religion, and principles that this country was founded on.

The majority of American do not condone the bowing of America to principles that are foreign to this country.

Our institutions are scorned, our veterans treated like pond scum, and hard earned position in life being trammeled by an administration that ignores the danger of Islamic terrorism to the point that it is now here.

The country is put in peril for “fairness” and “social justice”. The money taken from those who build this country to spend on a group of whiners and those who expect handouts from those who produce. This is not Europe, was never meant to be. This is a country based on working for what you get, and get to keep what you work for.

To ignore the express will of the people is more than problematic, it is dangerous. Not upholding laws have already proven detrimental to this country. Riots are happening, and will continue to happen because the rioters, moving from city to city and causing an unrest not seen since the 60’s have proliferated because this administration on both a federal and local level have tied the hands of those who intend to enforce laws.

I was watching the other day when Obama declared that the country is better off than we were six years ago. Based on what? I walk down the streets in my hometown and see more and more businesses shuttered, more people out of work, more people living with parents.

Is Obama concerned?

Being a narcissistic, Marxist, Muslim-loving commander in Chief, it doesn’t affect him at all. His is a moral authority, with all others being shouted down or demonized if you disagree.

But it goes further. Universities have learned from this administration that “free speech” zones curtail any semblance of what universities are supposed to be, areas of ideas and discussions. Are we such a country of delicate flowers that we need safe zones to protect us?

No one can believe anymore that this government has our best interests at heart. We still have many of our population that is woefully ignorant of the abuses, and the government feels free to kick in peoples doors, and expect the citizens to readily cower before it. Outright cowardice and ignoring the problems is what most people want. Don’t rock the boat, and just do what they tell you.

I am a conservative, because even the Republicans are complicit in what is happening to our country. The expectations of the last election showed the Republicans that the voters who gave them the landslide, expected more. And what did we get? Cave-ins on Obamacare, executive amnesty, national security. All areas where the Republicans just rolled over and let Obama do what he like. They also passed a budget that will increase the federal deficit and trashed a “faith based” agenda. Illegal immigration has rolled over Republicans, and they have done nothing to stop the illegal executive orders that Obama pushed on the people. Many Republicans have turned out to be Democrat Lite.

So how do we stop the way our country is going? The citizens need to stand up, and hold the politicians feet to the fire.

Demand that our culture and Ideals as a free country return, and fight for what we believe in. The State legislatures need to nullify the orders being put down by government, and take back the powers given to them by the Constitution, and then pass even more regulations down to the local level. I am firmly convinced that my local government knows how better to spend the money that the Federal government does.

I wrote of a convention of states a few days ago, and perhaps that is needed, with the proper safeguards. We can no longer allow the elites to rule from on high, we the people need to push back. Whatever it takes, this is our country. Black and white, all religions, all income levels are part of this great country. If we don’t get up off our couches, talk to one another as equals, and help one another, this country will fall into European socialism. We will defend our country, we will defend our fellow man, and we will show those who want to destroy this country that they will not win.

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