President from Hell – Obama Golfs V-E Day Celebrations Away, Funerals Too


Independent Sentinel

Except for his weekly address, Obama ignored the many V-E Day celebrations in the Capitol commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory that led to the end of World War II. The address was the most minimal thing he could do.

Instead he flew to South Dakota to talk TPP (it must be a terrible treaty if he wants it this much) and he bloviated about redistributive free college that heavily-taxed working Americans can’t afford.

The media claimed he “led” the celebrations but that was to give the false impression he actually participated. They covered for him as usual.

President Barack Obama did devote his weekly address Friday to the Allied victory in Europe in World War II, the left-wing media crowed.

However, on Friday, V-E Day, Obama got out of town. He gave a speech about the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty), went to South Dakota to visit a Nike factory, and he gave a commencement speech at a community college where he talked about free college.

On Saturday and Sunday, he didn’t have any schedule posted but it is believed that he did some golfing.

So far as we can see, he did not honor V-E Day at all except for a public weekly address. The Capitol was teeming with celebrations and he managed to miss them.

Obama didn’t even mention the death of Officer Greg Moore.

He also ignored Officer Brian Moore’s funeral except for the carefully-timed announcement by our new AG Loretta Lynch to investigate Baltimore PD for racism.

Half of the police in Baltimore are black, half of the six officers arrested are black,those in charge are black, but the administration has to investigate the entire department for racism because, you see, the left is now saying that once blacks become police officers, they develop white privilege.

What about Obama then? Isn’t he engulfed in white privilege? Lynch too!

Obama will probably ignore the death of two Mississippi officers last night, will continue to ignore ISIS, and he will ignore the new alliance of China and Russia.

Nothing to see here!

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