Time To Make Cinco De Mayo Nat’l American Flag Shirt Day

112 live oak high school 610

Conservative Infidel


Anyone who still doubts that there is a deliberate takeover of America being orchestrated through an alliance of treachery between Mexico, Central America and the Democrat Party needs to stop kidding themselves and open their eyes to the events that are going on around them.

On Constitution Day, September 17th, the Ninth Circuit Court of California refused to hear a case en banc in an appeal of a decision against four American students who were sent home from Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA. The four were suspended for one day for wearing American Flag apparel on May 5th, 2010, the supposed Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo.

Principal Miguel Rodriguez decided the school, which has a large Hispanic population, would censor students wearing American flag apparel and send them home, out of concern for their safety. They were singled out and were the only ones sent home. Students sporting Mexican colors, graphics or messaging were allowed to remain and continue to wear their clothing items.

A three member appellate panel had previously ruled that the school acted properly. In their refusal to hear the case en banc, before all of the Ninth Circuit judges, they also declared that “No further petitions shall be permitted.”

The petition that should come next is one from the people of California, but that state is so polluted with liberals, pro-invasion, pro-amnesty and racist Hispanic activists that there is little hope of that happening. In other states, where the United States still bears a resemblance to its traditional form, the creation of a new state holiday on May 5th would send the right kind of message to those who are busy eroding the rights of Americans within our own nation.

May 5th, should be called May 5th, in English, and the celebration should take the form of the wearing of patriotic shirts, hats, pants, shoes, anything emblematic of pride in America. State and local governments who mandate donations to their operations from the citizens of the United States should not be engaged in the degradation of our culture and national pride in order to satisfy the desires of aggressive transplants, both legal and illegal.

Nobody expects foreigners or race promoting groups to idealize American traditions. We also don’t expect sellout cowards in black robes to side with officials who dishonor and disrespect our national symbols in favor of those conducting an active invasion. Wait, that’s exactly what we expect of liberal judges; particularly in California and in the Ninth Circuit.

Rather than celebrating a Mexican faux holiday, Americans should be boycotting Mexico and Mexican products. Mexico is a foreign enemy that is engaged in an invasion of our homeland and those who are so quick to adopt their culture are putting their own at great risk.

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